Dianne Abbott - a fool, a racist or a racist fool - what do you devise?

Why, come to that, did enough Labour MPs support her to make her candidature possible, to some extent than John McDonnell, or another more intelligent, circumspect representative of Real Labour?
Was it, as I suspect, that the actually wanted the Left to be represented by a ploy candidate rather than a believable one that Labour's core support would trickle in behind?
You have forgotten "Hypocrite"

Campaigning adjectives her life to abolish non-state provided education, until she have a child of her own and then everybody got trampled within the rush to get her child into an expensive Public School.

Apparently it is because "Black women would do anything for their children"

(Except perhaps making sure they have a father in the home.)

As someone who grew up in a Old Labour Party home with uncles active within politics why have we ended up near the get rich quick pink Tories main the once Socialist Labour Party ? The great men of past years like Bevan,Attlee etc must be spinning contained by their graves over what has happened to their Party. Blair,Brown, Lord's Kinnock and Prescott epitomise adjectives that's wrong with to days so called Labour Party and for union to support David Milliband (a clone of Blair) is a betrayal of their members interests.
Abbott is many of the things you suggest but at most minuscule her self interest is apparent to most of us.
I would add bigot to your list. She is what is agreed as a champagne socialist and is basically a laughing stock in the Labour Party.
That woman is everything you say and next some.....What a bloody embarrasment she is. She seems to sum up new workforce completely. Champagne socialists. cheap crooks and liars.
The woman claims to be vanished wing. She is nothing of the sort. In her own words she is a "grammar arts school girl on the make". Just another opportunist with an urge to gain all the glittering prizes on the pay for of the Left and the working class.

At least the Millibands' "Marxist" father retained enough of his socialist principles not to distribute them to private schools.

New Labour still does not represent the working class. The Milliband brothers statements this week show they want to push the Party further to the right just close to Hilary Benn, who is very careful to point out he is not a Bennite.

It is time for a trial socialist left wing party that represents the interests of familiar working people. Labour politicians, and their financial backers surrounded by the trade union movement, represent no one but themselves and hold only one goal - personal enrichment only like their idol and mentor, Tony Blair.
SHEVEK > you are right, you took the words from my mouth, almost word for word.
Each phrase is an apt description of the childish woman !

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