Why do Muslims want ANOTHER Mosque!?

I read that there are already over 100 Mosques in New York.

Why do they want another one!!??

Is it because they privately want to celebrate 9/11 and have this as a pilgrim site?

...I reflect so...

Because the others are full.
To want another Mosque is not the question although in attendance are plenty already, the question is why are Muslims wanting to build a Mosque so close to Ground Zero ?? This is a most insensitive act and an affront to the relatives of the victims of this heinous crime 9/11., the majority of whom be not Muslims.
Permission should not be given for the building as this is a special case regardles of what is said about freedom of religion surrounded by the Constitution.
Why do Christains want another Church?

Because it's their right

And as for you, you partisan nitwit, you can not put adjectives of one type of people into one box. Calling them evil is one of the reasons nearby is so much hate towards people that YOU nor much of anyone else within American really understand.

Believe me, based on your put somebody through the mill and YOUR answer to yourself, you are getting your Muslim information from haters and talk show hosts that have a two hour point in Muslims from Lemmings U.

Need I tell you who the lemming is?
no they dont!
Its a community centre which happen to have a prayer room...it also has a restaurant, swimming pool and gym!
So howis that a mosque??
Also it is two blocks away! Whats the big promise?
Theres actually another little mosque which has be there since the 20th century! So wwhy the big deal in a minute?
If a church was to be built would thta be disrespecting the dead too? The ones which arent christian or dont believe contained by the church?
As much as a tragedy the event was America needs to verbs! People die all over the world all the time... Source(s): it be an article on the daily telgraph and there be a video on youtube too...with pictures for proof Because they want a place to meet contained by that neighborhood. They are meeting in the frail Burlington Coat Factory building and haven't had a new mosque since the antediluvian one was closed in 2008. Now they want a trial one.

How hard is that to understand It have nothing to do with building a success Mosque. If that were true they could have designated the ancient one a victory mosque. Besides, do you think they're foolhardy ample to celebrate a victory over America right at Ground Zero? It would be suicide.

give attention to about it
I guarantee you that SOMEWHERE within the United States of America a CHURCH was built last month and NO one made a big settlement out of it.

How many of you believe a CHURCH was probably built somewhere within this great big UNITED STATES of America whether it was small or big but a church was built somewhere surrounded by one of these 50 states? I think so. Source(s): me Same reason there's a church on every corner within Glasgow; there are a lot of Muslims who actively help yourself to part in their religion and hold every right to build a place of worship.

As for it being a pilgrim site that is of late clutching at straws to make yourself look less racist.
There are 7 mosques within one subway stop of lower Manhattan.

The vast majority of Muslims contained by the city live in Brooklyn.

Who will use an Islamic Mega Facility in lower Manhattan? There simply is not satisfactory Muslims living and working there to support it.

They will be transient foreign Muslims. Hmmmm. I wonder what they would be up to?
What does it matter to you?
Why do you want to ask another question? Haven't you already asked adequate questions?
The sound out really shouldn't be another mosque. The question should be why build one so close to ground zero. You don't see the Japanese wanting to build a budist temple on Ford Island, a stones throw from the Arizona Memorial. Out of respect for the victims family and America, just go across town.
It's also a community Centre
This one to show feat in the shadow of ground zero. Why else? This shows that tolerance should just go one way, and that is to say their way. No sensitivity for the Americans injured and died on a day that will other be remembered.
We know a church was destroyed near the nouns and has been refuse a permit to rebuild. Muslims are looking to embezzle over this nation as they are doing elsewhere in the world.

Wanting another one isn't the issue. I live in NYC and yes in attendance are over 100 mosques here. But the issue with THIS mosque is that they don't want to move it to another spot AND it's to be the largest mosque in NYC AND they want to stretch out it up on Sept. 11th. That's the issue. Its a purposful provocation.
Churches near Manhattan, NY
444,299 results

I bet there'll be 444,300 results previously the end of the month.
Why not?
Look in the real world.
Decode this lyrics " You'll see "
"Wonderful world"
"Don't know much"
"Time after time"
"The Great Commandments"
"The Final Countdown"
"Working class hero"
Not hear-say one and only?
On glory and success in idol worshiping the unresponsive Mummy with hear-say only from the Book of the Dead that never be from someone else graveyards in time?
But not a single glory on success for the devout of Mankind in time?
Without a single listing within the World Book of Records in Encyclopaedia in time?
Hear-say of majority surrounded by control?
Control what?
Another mosque ?
Luke 21.30-36
Luke 9.25,55-56,60
Luke 8.5-8,10-17
Luke 24.44-45,47-48
Luke 9.27
Exodus 20.5
Luke 9.60
Genesis 11.1,3-9
Exodus 20.1-6
Luke 2.32
Matt 5.9,14
Matt 1.17
Revelation 21.1-7
Exodus 20.1-18
What do you think? Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files. I own no problem if they want another mosque.

I do have a problem with the location within which they are trying to build it. It show great insensitivity on their part. People who claimed to be acting surrounded by the name of Islam purposely brought down the twin towers, within a short pace from that site.

Insisting that the terrorists weren't true muslims and explaining that this cultural center will help build bridges doesn't erase the perception.
To emphasize their superioty over Christians & Americans.
if they want another mosque, why dont they build them in pakistan or another muslim country , why should we enjoy thier religion thrust down our throats, i am not religious in any form, as i believe that all religion is nought but made up evil wich causes wars and mischievousness
why do christians want more churches?

increase of worshipping population
to make more space for adjectives the people who have converted/reverted to islam knowing its the right choice
Not Muslims, Islam. Islam desires a Mosque in NYC, but not just any Mosque, a ground not anything Mosque. Islam has 2 sides, you have the terrorists that use rebellious means to force Sharia law on those, then you have the political Islam, that uses politics and directive to Force Sharia law on people surrounded by other countries. Europe is a prime example. This is what is happening with this Mosque. Once they build it, they will attempt to use the constitution to practice their freedom of religion and introduce Sharia tenet in the U.S. If they manage to build it, you will see seriously more of the violent type of Islam taking place contained by NYC. It is very disturbing that even after the 9/11 attacks, people still do not comprehend the danger of the Islamic faith or their agenda.
Bend over America. You are one quietly and deliberately shafted.

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