Is my contemporary partner income taken into consideration when decide child running payments?

Is my new partners income taken into consideration when decide child maintenance payments?
OK so this is a little more complicated than the initial interrogate suggests..I will try and embalish.
I am recently divorced...we have two children my son 15 lives beside his father and my daughter 7 lives with me. I work part time my ex is dependant on benefits. I hold met somebody new and am considering him moving in beside my daughter and I.. my new partner has a appropriate job and works full time. although neither of us pay conservation to the other (at the moment) because we both have a child ex have stated that he will be making a claim for maintence off me if my new parter moves contained by..because he works full time... if he does this can my new partners income be taken into consideration??

It does not appear fair that my new partner own to pay for my child !!

any help or advsie would be appreciated

I live within england :-)
in the UK no one can be made responsible for another's debts, unless at hand is an agreement to this effect, such as standing guarantor for another's finance/HP.
your new partner would be under no prerequisite to support either of your children, unless he adopted them, as they are not his responsibility.
if a being receives a low basic wage, (such as a csa collector) and receive bonuses that are production related, the latter must be excluded from any assessment for maintenance payments.
if your unmarked partner choose to employ you as a housekeeper, stamp your card etc, any money he gave you apart from your fundamental wage, say for housekeeping/groceries could not be classed as an asset of yours, because you are required to make a specific purchase next to it, under the terms of your employment! you could check the situation beside your local Citizens Advice Bureau, if you think they may class your joint incomes as an enhanced household asset, for assessment purposes by the relevant authority.
This happen to me I refused to disclose my earnings as I be a single parent and didnt see why I should support his idle ex. Please take direction citizens advice or soliciter it can get outstandingly nasty Source(s): experience Yes this can happen. Maintenance is calculated on household income. I hold known couples this has happen to.

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