Why do the Illuminati and private G8 types phone up us the feeders?

By natures design theses inhabitants are very similar in temper to the spider ant.
The spider and has evolved an appearance the ants recognise to be normal and secrete a smell they also sense to be normal too whilst it roams freely amongst the ants feeding past its sell-by date them.
Is this you?

They exploit our lack of knowledge and stunted ego's.
This is why it is still very easy to apply parliament ideology known as divide and conquer as a result of the ego in some relatives still being primitively evolved.
They keep us within trouble, minds divided and economically enslaved with the use of bureaucracy.
WTF Man!
Lol the Illuminati. And individuals say I smoke too much pot.
Because they are all descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob (the identify Jacob means "deceiver"). Jacob's 12 sons by occupation were shepherds. Thus, to them we are the "sheep of their pasture".

Yes you are 100% right that Illuminati with the the Zionists are the invisible rule, they control the Media, Hollywood, the Government and anything that they would like us to believe.

Unless we start to understand as a nation/majority what refuse we have been feed and act according , we will be vegetables.

Now we have to fulfil in what a country in the Middle East have to say to us, which is an apartheid state itself.

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