What should I do something like this racist surrounded by UK?

His grandfather was a veteran from WWII and he was kill by a burglar. The burglar was black. It was contained by the news. I smell BNP
justice will take carefulness of the burglar so you don't have to.. well that's the idea.
Burglars, victims and war heroes come surrounded by all colours. The fact that the burglar be black is largely irrelevant. If someone is claiming that black people have a predilection for murdering elderly white inhabitants, make a complaint to the police.
the Capitalists say " The world is a intercontinental village"

the Communists say " Our village is our world"

the Intermediaries cogitate " Wtf is going on"

you probably fit into one of these categories.If not feel free to create your own utopia. Source(s): where on earth are we headed? What should YOU do? YOU can do very little. All you can do is front a life without prejudice and hope others follow your example. Thinking you own some say in someones thoughts, opinion, or actions is pretty lame. You cant force others to think different. you can single show them a doorway to a more comfortable existence,.
Wheres the racism?.....The only racism I can see is the raining apologist slop coming out of you. What have you got against white folks?
If it was contained by the news then put a connect up. And perhaps you'd like to spell out exactly how/why you smell BNP to some extent than making alarmist accusations.
What has the BNP got to do next to it?.

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