Should a terrorists home be compensated if that terrorist is kill him/her self?

This question is mainly for Americans. In the UK today, the wife of one of the terrorists of the London July bombings is claiming compensation for her husband's death(lb1000s), alongside that of the true victims family. I do not know the position on the law in the USA but how would you be aware of about paying out this woman, is she right to claim? My view: she and her familial should hide under a rock and not surface for at lowest possible 100 years.
At least get your facts right back ranting.

She was trying to get officially recognized aid not compensation and this has been refuse.
depends what you outline as terrorism

if a US soldier rapes, sodomizes and terrifies a innocent civilian family surrounded by the name of the UNITED STATES its terrorism if that terrorism is defined as a way of political funds,

The reason Terrorism can not be defined by the international community is because they carried the first terrorist attacks on other sovereign nations, for example Kissinger have way more innocent poeple murdered but since the public who supported him did not consider certain relations worthy of living he still goes on murdering, Hitler would of dreamed to go beyond Israel into the rest of north africa doing exactly this but un fortunately 1 percent of arabs supported him against jews, they where on earth also Aryan arabs Source(s): Not only should they not get compensation they should be removed from the country IMHO.Maybe terrorist would give attention to twice about doing stupid things if they knew their family would be exiled.
Not only should they not get compensation, but they should be made to compensate the victims. Then ejected from the country.
She will probably get compensation simply because our justice system have its head screwed on back to front.

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