Tourist visa Uk ..turkish citizen helpppp?

Hi I am a 28 year old Turkish male citizen, I am currently working within North Cyprus , I am hoping to travel to England for a holiday over the Christmas and new year period. I earn between 2500ytl -3000ytl per month (have payslips to prove income) I hold 6000ytl in savings contained by the bank(have bank statements) and I have rewarded insurance contributions since working here which are held with the government here until I request them..the amount I own is shown in my passport. I also have a communication from my employer to say that I work for him and I have say-so for a short holiday. My British girlfriend also has sent me an invitation stating that she wishes for me to join her and her ethnic group for the festivities( not mentioned our relationship staus in the letter) My girlfriend as also sent me a photocopy of her passport to prove that she have the right to reside in the Uk legally. She doesnt enjoy much money but will send me her a bank statement to show that she have lb600 available for our holiday together. I also have a hotel reservation booked DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF THIS SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR A TOURIST VISA??/ if I am granted a 6 month visa does this mean I can come surrounded by and out of the Uk as many times as I wish contained by this period? And also does this mean that whilst im within the Uk on a tourist visa do I have permission to investigate for a business and if successfull apply from the Uk for a 1 year visa under the ankara agreement? Or would I be expected to go rear legs to Turkey and apply from there? Any information on this would be greatly appreciated..I dont want to sponge off my girlfriend I want to be competent find my way to her and make a adjectives with her.
Do not include your g/s bank statement near your application. She only needs to supply that sort of info if she is going to support you financially during your stay excluding accommodation and then she would inevitability to supply six months' statements and payslips.

As long as you can show that you have the funds to support yourself, that is the better and simpler route.

It is not adjectives to look for business or a job on a visitors visa. If that is to say your intention, you should apply for a business visitor visa. You cannot change status on any type of caller visa, so yes, you would have to return to Turkey and apply for a new visa from here.

The Ankara agreement gives rights to Turkish workers over and above those of other work visa holders, but first you must qualify for a work visa to be entitled to those rights. It does not give any concessions to Turkish workers applying for a work visa.
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You may not be saying she is your girlfriend...
but why else would a girl write a missive of invitation AND more signifiantly put up money/pay for another person especially a man, to come to the UK ?

It is already clear there is a relationship.

That said, your opportunity, and income, ties (house/rent/other family) in turkry/cyprus and a desire to spend Christmas with friends should be moral enough to get a visa.

There are no specific ammounts,
but if you own been invited as an 'old' friend for christmas and clearly want to return
and you can show that you don't need that much money...
will be staying next to friends... who will pick you up/return you to the Airport..
it is clear also that your needs are minimal.

The bank statements are as much more or less proof of a job and regular outgoings/commitments in cyprus as the ammount of money to spend. You don't want to look close to you are likely to overstay (with or without your girlfriend)

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