I own 4 months on my visa. Will I be considered for joining the Army?

I visited the recruiting central part at Ilford (Essex), completed the application form; but my passport was valid for less than 4.5 years (the criteria). My visa after was 4 months and 25 days. By the time I got my passport renewed for a further ten years, my visa is not here for four months. I had discussed this possibility with my recruiter next and he had said he would be lenient on this front. Now he is on resign from for 3 weeks which further adds to my dilemma.

Should I apply at another recruiting nub because no one wants to adopt my application at this centre unless my recruiter is back? Also I enjoy permission to work only bit time. Will I be able to serve in the Regular Army?
Where are you from?
Having read this I'm thinking you might not come together the Nationality requirements.
More info here:
You dont meet the required needs as the process in a minute adays for you to be accepted into the army is on average 8 months but can take up to a year and over ... it adjectives depends on your barb test but as you only own 4 months left on your visa they wont allow you to join :/

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