Consequences of have underage sex surrounded by the UK?

If a 16 year old had sex next to a willing14 year old and it went to court, how would the court look at it? would the 16 year weak get a criminal record and turn on the sex offenders register. Or would the court be more leniant with such a slender age difference and the boy anyone barely 6 months over 16? what would the likely outcome be? would it even brand it to court it the parents pressed charges but the girl didn't? any information on the subject appreciated.. I'm also it is considered statoury rape but i heard if the girl is over 14 and the boy is under 18 it isn't so doomed to failure. WHAT WOULD PROABLY HAPPPEN?
I'm not sure, the courts might be more lenient since you aren't a full adult even so, but you would probably be put on the sex offenders register for having sex next to a person under the age of consent and receive a punishment of some sort. Since you are at the age of consent you are deem to have the responsibility to act properly in such a situation, and with responsibility comes consequences. You wouldn't procure off easy, that's for sure. Since she is a child lower than the age of consent and under guardianship of her parents they would probably be able to press charges even if she doesn't want them to. I hope this cross-examine is purely hypothetical...
Technically, its illegal, but like you said, as your one and only 16 and shes 14, the consequences will not be as bad as if you were 18 as you are still classed as a child, and also as it would be consential it wouldnt be so severe. The cross-question is if she consents, why would she then report it afterwards - doesnt make sense. It wouldnt be classed as rape any. Basically, its not a clever idea - shes only 14!! Duh, and the parents would travel psycho if they found out and would make your life a misery psyche guess. In other words, id suggest finding another 16 year old to shag if you really want to lol, and if it did walk to court, you would get in trouble, not her
It would count as Statutory Rape surrounded by the UK.
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For a fuller explanation. Source(s): wikipedia You ask what would happen to a person who have sex underage in the UK. It is against the law to enjoy sex in the U.S.A. also if you have sex lower than the age of 18. I don't know why young people want to hold sex so early these days. What could evolve is that the underage girl could get pregnant, or get or donate a venereal disease (one of them is deadly and called AIDS) amongst other horrendous things you get from having sex underage and inexperienced something like life. The legal aspects of what could come to pass are like this: something can only develop if the girl or the girls family press charges against the person have had sex with the underage girl. I regard the parents can't really press charges unless the girl wants to press charges but ma bye the laws are different within the UK.
What has happened already is that two underage ancestors had sex and are now dependent on have sex for the rest of their lives. I have heard that once a individual has sex one time they will crave it from then on. I hope this won't take place to the two people in this bag.
If someone presses charges against the boy who is older then I recommend for him to start praying every sunshine and to promise to God and himself not do it again no matter how hard it will be. If God help that person then the boy who is praying owes God that he be honest and mechanism what he has said in his prayer to God. Honest prayer is really the just thing that can prevent this young man from messing up his adjectives with having have sex with an underage girl. My own daughter had sex at age 14 and the guy be 18 and we were not able to press charges because she get pregnant and she begged me not to do anything. We were not competent to do anything anyway because the boy came from a wealthy home and we were not wealthy. Also, we did not want to press charges because we didn't want to ruin the child's father's adjectives. This is very difficult for many and contained by your case the parents may be more able, more determined to press charges.
If you pray very soon then God will help you and pray next to a friend and it will help you a lot and promise God not to do it again and tight-fisted it. If you do this then you will have a much happier adjectives. Remember to always pray about everything afterwards your life will be fine.
Sex is the opposite of love so hence if you want love then don't get involved contained by sex is my sincere recommendation. Source(s): The Bible
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