Why does my friend capture more money than I do on JSA?

I've been on Jobseeker's Allowance since February and I get 51 pounds a week and my friend signed on this week and he's right away started on 66 pounds a week? Why is this when there are no differences in our circumstances? How does Jobcentre Plus prefer who needs what to live on?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US1Ix0lr2… He is older - that's it.

Single nation, aged under 25 lb51.85
Single people, aged 25 or over lb65.45
Couples and civil partnership (both aged 18 or over) lb102.75
Lone parent (aged under 18) lb51.85
Lone parent (aged 18 or over) lb65.45 Source(s): http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndB… Its individual ,, based on age ,, responsibilities etc . look on the website for JSA and it probably will explain the difference.. I looked ,,, ages 16 to 24 bring back the lb51 odd , 25 and over is lb65.40 . Extras if married or have children .
It is base on what your regular earnings were when you HAD a profession....he earned more than you, so paid more contained by to the system, so he gets to draw more OUT...
This is an nouns that needs looking into.
He might be older than you
I think it's because you own more money than him. Have you just been sack from a job and have some hoard? If it's not this then maybe he's getting income-based JSA and you're getting contribution-based JSA .... or I don`t know he's lying to you about his age. He must be over 25 to get lb65.45 a week. You don't influence what age you are.

This should answer your query.
Jobseeker's Allowance Rates of Pay

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