Could I do this rightfully or would here be plentifully of doomed to failure publicity and standard court hassle?

Hello there,
Just today an idea crossed my mind for a sort of spoof on The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. The legitimate reason why I want to write this was because I really enjoy the novel and it is my favourite within the world. However, I can't write a book like it or about it because it would be downright stupid not to mention plagiarism. Therefore, I come up with my own idea...sort of! Care to read it and report me if it's at all possible for me to write it? Or would I get a bunch of angry critics and lawyer?

Thanks a ton in advance! The story is bellow...

TITLE: An Abstract Adventure

PLOT: It be just an ordinary ring, or so he thought. But the moment Tyler Banks touched the circle of gold ingots, he knew it was anything but run of the mill! His theory is proved correct when he automatically slips it onto his finger...

... and is translated into another world - into the world of Middle Earth. It is here, in this world of artifice, elves, and dwarves that he discovers something has gone utterly wrong. Tyler wasn't so much a fan of fantasy and one and only read The Lord of the Rings at his best friend's behest. However, now he is smack in the middle of it since he put on what is none excluding the One Ring that dissapeared from Frodo Baggins not long before while the Fellowship of the RIng are making their way through the Mines of Moria, beforehand Gandalf the Grey gets taken by the Balrong.

Natrually, the Fellowship takes him hostage in an attempt to get the Ring and find out what happen. The only problem is that he can't take it rotten!


So what do you think? Could I pull a stunt close to that? Or would it be a total waste of time? He has to squad up with the Fellowship because he has the Ring that wants to be destroyed, but since it's stuck on his finger by magic that messes up the whole shabang forcing the Fellowship to consider of something else and to do a host of other things differently. If you think I can't write this story, please say so. If I can and you resembling it, feel free to say that too.

Thanks a ton surrounded by advance! :-)

P.S. Tyler Banks is a teenager walking home from college one day when he spots the Ring on a sidewalk. Since it's in daytime and adjectives, he think's someone dropped it. So he picks it up, puts it on, and you get the idea.
I believe you can do this as long as you own permission from the publisher of LOTR and also give credit for tolkein's inspired idea.

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