Why be George Bush sending steel job out of the country outside of the USA?

is he responsible for this ?

why this was done and which countries received USA steel jobs? how frequent people it put out of work? also, why a us president would be doing something so devastating to the US economy?

will the USA ever bring back back its status as a car factory owner? which other industries have been sent out of the country and WHICH JOBS ARE TAKING THERE PLACE NOW AND WHY?

also, how the economy looks for USA and Europe for 2011? will more people be collecting welfare?

please explain what you can.
Bush was just approaching all the others who went formerly him he listens to and lets others run his business
he never be in control...
Bush knew little roughly speaking the country or the steel business he was an oil tycoon...
Robert Source(s): Reports on the communication cast,family reports on magazine,their own remarks in magazines and report cast. Mostly steel can be produced at much lower cost overseas.
Our steel mills have to reoufitted but the union won't allow it because it would mean laying of profoundly of people when they're done.
Apart from the certainty that George Bush is an alcoholic basket case, several reason.

Firstly leaders tend to be wealthy, with well-to-do friends and associates, to whom they feel an obligation to save wealthy, irrespective of the consequences to those they have never met who are newly worker ants for his and their benefit.

Second imported goods are moral news for bankers, because of the exchange rate mechanism, fruitless for workers, great for banks, it's worse here in the UK.

In adjectives fairness it needs to be said that the biggest culprits are the Nations consumers, who like Lemmings buy themselves out of job with every Made in China, or everywhere, product they buy. Its a death wish they own on their jobs, Nation, future, kids adjectives and personal prosperity! Of course its lousy for them but GREAT for the rich.

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