Question for police officer or those who are friends with/related to police officer?

What do you/they feel about detaining inhabitants for mental health problems or attempting suicide (i.e. sec 136)? I've been detained by the police since for wanting to kill myself, I was not surrounded by any ways doing it for attention, I had a nervous breakdown and head off to a multistorey car park in need telling anyone and contemplated jumping past its sell-by date but kept getting scared and going on it and coming back, and I didn't consider the CCTV was live, so they reported to the police that I was attempting suicide, and they come and detained me. I didn't want to go with them so they jump me, restrained me and cuffed me. It took like 3 officers within the end to detain me (lol..).

Despite this, most of the officers be actually very loving and considerate to me and treated me well which I'm very appreciative and respectful to them now, for. However the officer who was sitting within my cell door was very cold to me, and threatened to enjoy me put in restraints for picking a self-inflicted wound, which is understandable, but she a moment ago was.. generally vastly cold.

I've also heard stories of where police officer have treated such people extraordinarily coldly and been very judgemental. I believe this would be a minority, but what do police officer in general discern about this?
I'm an officer. Generally, it is mixed how peep feel
About this. It is a crime, but also you gotta look at it
With compassion. Alot of cops consistency for people going through
This. Unlike most people who be aware of all cops are out to do is meet
Their 'quota' & avoid paperwork. The majority of the officer have
Compassion & feel for general public. This is a tough world & can
Sometimes be hard to live in, only just remember God has a special
Plan for your life. Find out what i.e.. Hope this answer helps ya out! :)
suicidal subjects kill more officer than almost any other category. Knowing that, how would you like me to approach and handle you? If you needed to die, then you would just decimate yourself. Simple as that.
In alike way that Republicans dislike Ron Paul, Democrats have to hold on to a third eye on Kucinich and every journalist wishes Glen Beck would go away, so also the majority of police officer surely do not respect this type of action.

Surely there are plenty of reason or excuses. The officer could have been stressed or have a bad day. However, that's not what the soul who is victimized by this sees. It is not appropriate, but it does happen. Steps should be taken to stop it and minimize it, but it cannot be fully eradicated.
I think this have less to do with someone self a police officer and more to do with being a human man.
Without getting specific, because it's none of your business, I have had some experience beside cops while dealing with genuinely mentally unwell.
They.........generally view it as "it could be one of MY clan members" and that "coldness" you felt may have be the officers way of connecting next to you in the sense that FORCE may have be the only way to draw from through to you.(sometimes, it's the only option)

Mentally ill citizens suck. I'm not trying to be mean but the whole situation sucks for everyone. They can be thrilling, erratic and charged, FORCE is sometimes the only method that will make them focus.
I will answer this question as honestly as I can and hope you appreciate my honesty. Bare contained by mind that I work in a division with two colossal mental health units and I settlement with sec 136 patients at least once a week....

I am sick to the subsidise teeth of dealing with people who claim to call for help. The majority are attention seeking and will never commit suicide, despite self harming. The second thing I want to do is have to sit beside someone "who is usually drunk" for at least 8 hours. I can understand the girl not wanting to yak to you when you were on constant obs.

Most people we promise with are suffering mental problems from a lifetime of self abuse, i:e drugs or alcohol. How can I discern empathy for people who have made the ruling to inject shite into their limbs or smoke pot to the point of mental breakdown. To those who say Cannabis doesn't effect you, you should stop by your local mental health unit. Look at the amount of family who are drug retards, can you remember that many 20 years ago? Neither can I.

I reckon that only 10% of 136 patients are from the bottom of your heart ill. I am usually able to spot someone who realistically needs help. I don't mind grappling near them etc because I can relax in the knowledge that I removed them to a place of safekeeping and they may get the help they involve. Unfortunately the remaining 90% are Muppet's who cost taxpayers billions each year.

I hope you understand what im trying to right to be heard, I will always do my duty but just dont expect me to be version. The health system is a shambles. I used to worry, have I done enough etc....No more. I do my bit then be in motion home. Source(s): UK Cop You had a nervous breakdown--YOU WERE lookinhg for attention. Police customary that and treated you accordinly. While you were in custody, you be treated according to your actions--you were not the only soul in custody at that time.

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