What do you regard of the entitle of our prime ministers different tot daughter?

Be honest
It wouldn't be my choice but as the PM said he didn't own any choice in the matter - I don't reason it matters as long the kid is healthy - I need them the best.
At least it is not like some of the fictitious, chavvy names I hear in my town - usually followed by 'Come here you *&*&ing little b(a)tard!' and usually shouted by some chain-smoking, fat-bottomed 16 year behind the times with another sprog in a pram on her instrument to the Post Office or Social Services.
They should have named it Calamity Cameron...... after her Dad.
Haha it's...unique? there's worse names out near - and at least Endellion is only her middle pet name. think of nicole kidmans child. now THATS asking for trouble.
its a nice name florence rose. as for the last one endellion? its nice for the town that she have that name. it wont be used much but it shows the people of the town that the camerons appreciate the hospitality.
His other children own old fashioned names so Florence fits beside them. To me though the names Arthur, Nancy and Florence belong in the mid 19th to untimely 20th centuries.
Well thats the Scottish for you.
Nothing wrong with Endellion.Of course I would say that anyone Cornish.

Mind you Florence always reminds me of the Magic Roundabout, next child should be call Dougal or Zebadee, or Dylon.
Florence is ok. I wonder if they are going to claim Family Allowance for her after adjectives what Daddy has said?.

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