Joining the Navy - involve help out!!?

Okay...Ive been talking it out beside my girlfriend for a while now. Im a senior in high-ranking school and have be interested in what the navy have to offer. Im a little confused on what will ensue. We both matter what happen, we will always be together, we will always be strong. From what I read, I would sign out for about 9 weeks for basic training, after me and her (would be married) would live at a naval base and we would complete our education at hand. Now...Ive read that the navy is terrible for relationships...vitally what im asking is..How long will I be gone for> How long, and how many times would I be gone for long periods of time? My first thought be after i do my 6-9 months active duty, im done and i can leave and seize back to my normal energy, idk if this is true.
I dont want to commit to this, then figure out I wont be seeing my wife close all.

Basic Question
How long would I be gone for?
How many times do I hold to be gone til my time is served?

Idk if it helps but Im getting into telecommunications. Maybe my job will desire my time, idk.
As much as I feel your pain, nearby is no way anyone can give you an answer to your request for information.

I was in the Navy for 14 years and my longest deployment be about 5 months...most deployments were a few days to a couple of weeks.

It collectively takes about 6 months to a year to jump to boot camp and A school. You hold a lot more freedom in A conservatory than in boot camp, but I don't ponder you can have your family near you during that time...most of the time you aren't there long enough to hold them accompany you. Your school have to be longer than 6 months.

After you finish your training you get your first set of orders. Again at hand is no way to know where you will be stationed. They could transport you overseas unaccompanied for two years...or they could send you stateside shore duty for a few years...You may or may not be deployed while on shore duty. You may hold to attend training somewhere for a short amount of time.

If you go to a ship, it is likely to be for three years...but every ship is different. It really depends on the ship how long and where on earth you deploy. Some people get to their ship and the ship is contained by repair for most of their tour and they end up not going anywhere.....some people are flown out to stumble upon their ship.

Generally you enlist for 4-6 years then have a few more years to be contained by the reserves. Your first enlistment is 8 years counting the time on active duty and the remainder in the individual geared up reserves...but it is like that for all branches of the military.

I be a Corpsman and hardly ever deployed...but I did a few times...for a short time respectively time.
am confused at to which country you are referring to, the US and the UK have different ways of doing things, so which country are you asking about. You read out senior in HS yet post contained by the UK forum so just wanted a bit of clarification please.

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