Councils are elected to work for us... yes?

so why do they persecute us? pen us in with road barrier, check our bins, micro chip our bins, refuse to empty our bins, study us covertly to check where we live, and burden us with more rules, road signs, road hurdles, traffic lights, cctv's etc? who are our councillers really working for?
I got to agree with Stevie for once, the one and only thing he's missed is that the state control went into overdrive on May 1997 resembling never before. Now the police have finally admit that most CCTV is only less than 0.5% examined so that tell you how useful a lot of the CCTV is.
It is all give or take a few electing the best criminal you can .
They are working for the good of everyone surrounded by the Borough, not the particular interests of a few. You may find it inconvenient, but the Council are responsible for road safety and reducing spend foolishly. If they can cut down on accidents and rubbish sent to landfill, there's less cost to the Council and smaller quantity Council Tax for everybody. If you'd prefer more Council Tax and no restrictions, stand in the next see on that ticket.
This something I agree beside you on wholeheartedly. Councils obviously have too much money to surplus on 'rubbish' , excuse my bad pun. Landfill tax be brought in by the Tories, one of the few good insightful things they did while contained by power. I remember not believing it when they did. Fortunately it's for good reasons as far as bin tagging go. Councils have to pay landfill import tax of lb48 per tonne of your rubbish. It doesn't take many black bins to the tonne. Just to dump that money contained by a hole in the ground is stupid. Nearly everything can be recycled nowadays. Your black bin should be the lightest and chock-full only with plastic plenty, plastic food wrappings and cigarette butts. If everybody did their recycling properly then your council due bills could be reduced.

The rest of it is just part of the encroach police state.

Landfill tax…

See my answer to ‘What were some of the offence made up by new labour? ‘…

Edit - Rob Roy, own you ever tried to get the police to use CCTV for the citizens benefit? I have three times, have a bike stolen in full view of a CCTV camera, some drunken idiot run past punched me at random knock me into a bouncer ( I got arrested for aruguing with the police as they didn’t want to listen to me or other witnesses and adjectives they had in their head was an arrest for assault – the bouncers didn’t want to press any charges, that’s the real unwritten tenet that we have to get rid past its sell-by date ), had my dog stolen from the foyer of my local police station when a good Samaritan found it and took it to the police station. I happen by chance to meet him and he told me that as he couldn’t continue left it with someone contained by the queue. The second person unknown walked out beside it. I’ve never seen my beautiful dog ever again. On respectively of these occasions the police refused to look at the CCTV, even the CCTV surrounded by the foyer of their own police station! CCTV’s not for our protection, it’s for the police. I could tolerate it if it was used equally for the police’s and citizen’s benefit.

Jack Straw just continued on at one and the same rate as Michael Howard. Jack already had a good principle(less) foundation from which to work from. It was a disgrace that he continued on in like peas in a pod way. Although the repeal of these laws be promised before the election by the Tories, I don’t see much evidence of it nonetheless and I really doubt if we will. See my other answer on the link.
the middle classes.

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