Cameron to snatch dormant dune accounts to fund his crazy projects?

It seems that if you don't use a bank depiction for a period of time that has money within it then the government intend to snatch it. Should we adjectives empty our bank accounts in a minute before they snatch anything else?.
First the Lottery money now bank accounts - Its simple - craft it a law for the bans to hold to find the owners of the bank accounts - after 15 years - if they can not find the owner the money should go to charity. My point is the onus must be on the bank to prove they have tried to find the owners.
BANKS / POLITICIANS > put theses two words together and you capture an instant cure for constipation.
This have been floated for quite a while and post-legislation will enjoy defined periods for dormancy & a given period within which people are allowed to ask after their holding.

Money that is not reclaimed/confirmed as involved will then be liable for govt usage, which considering that the owner is dead/couldn't care smaller amount seems reasonable, the single other home it has is propping the banks go together sheet.
I have also hear this and think it's a disgrace. There are a lot of elderly folk who own a few pounds in different accounts and may have even forgotten almost some of them. The government has no decriminalized right to take over people's bank accounts and I hope that the bank fight this tooth and nail. What a scumbag Cameron is.
Funnily enough I support this, if only that we capture to use the money and the banks don't get to use it to bring in themselves richer at our expense. The money is still refundable when you make a claim.

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