Why be O J Simpson found not guilty?

Did you know Micheal Moore believes O J Simpson is innocent?
Micheal Moore is a nobody just a conspiracy nut budge watch the trial on youtube

That link be a completely different charge read it the topic
OJ Simpson be found not guilty in the criminal trial because the prosecution could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had committed the crime. In trials similar to that one, it requires a full consensus for a guilty verdict

He was, however, found guilty contained by a civil trial, which only required a majority consensus. So while he couldn't be jailed for the murder, he could be fined.

Edit: Ghost, that was for a different crime that occur fairly recently.

Edit 2: My guess for why he wrote the book, is for money. He know that he could never be tried for the crime again (via the double jeopardy law), so it didn't matter what he wrote.
Because the Jury decided he was, simple really.
There is a difference between

committing the crime
being convicted of a crime criminally
being held civilly responsible for the crime

they are adjectives different. In the OJ case 2 of those 3 took place.
Michael Moore is a grease, lying, hypocrite. No one but far left loons cares what he think.

OJ was set free by black jurors who would not convict a famous black man for bloodshed two white people. It was black jury nullification.
He was found not guilty by a jury.

Definition of a jury?

12 people who establish who has the best lawyer.
Does he? or is he being 'ironic'? OJ Simpson be cleared because the jury were impressed by his status and couldn;t bring themselves to send him to put in prison... if he had been a janitor or a vehicle mechanic, and had done the same, he would be toast presently..
A jury of his peers found him innocent.

Michael Moore's feelings is irrelevent.

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