Joining the Army, Will I regret if i dont?


Im 16 Starting college and will finish in 2 years. Then Hopefully get a brief for about a year. I really really want too join the British Army at just about aged 19 or 20. If I dont do this, Would I regret it later in existence? Obviously My mother dosent want me too but she will support me and so will my father. Is this a good choice? Hopefully too be a Dog Handler or Gunner UAV Operator.
I think its its something you really want to do then you should run ahead and do it. Personally, i think you will really regret it if you dont do it now. A few of my friends are surrounded by the army and absolutely love it, but its one of those things you either love it or abhorrence it.
My uncle and cousin own both been in the army since 18. My uncle is presently 45 and swears by it. His quality of lifestyle is fantastic. He reached the age of retirement for the BA and took another 6 months training to capture a promotion so he could stay. He loves every minute of every day and would never give it up. I don't reflect you can beat the lifestyle. Hope this helps and doesn`t matter what your choice live a long and happy life.

p.s If the problem surrounded by the thought of dying don't worry about it. Every commission comes with it's dangers. I know someone who swarming crates of frozen chicken into trucks. A crate fell on him and he died. What are the odds?

lulz Source(s): Call of Faggotry Fourteen of the best years of my life were spent contained by the Army...Happy days
Hi soap

im 16 too, im doing college for a year, and afterwards going into the royal engineers, if your considering joining in 3/4 years then i wouldnt verbs at the minute, wait until your 19/20, you wont have to sign anything until after, so have a good few years estimate and then decide
and dont perceive bad if you dont decide too

righteous luck mate
boms away!
I'm the same. I've lately submitted an application. I'm 19. But I did it because I KNEW I'd regret if I didn't. If you have doubts though, then I don`t know it isn't such a good idea. If you're really certain about it, I'd articulate go for it.
But also consider the possibility that you could also regret joining, rather than not joining.
If theres something you really wanna do and you never did you bet your (a)ss you'll regret it later in duration. I'm sure you have those moments now, "if with the sole purpose I did this, if only I did that"
YES YOU WILL, I new I would if i didnt enlist. It be really hard for me to enlist becuase im an only child and single have one parent. My dad said if I didnt do it I will regret it. Source(s): USMC POOLEE Yep, most likely you will.

Most men who never enlist, wish they had, when they start getting elder.
Make your mind up when you're at least 25.
The one annoying entity about parents is that they say thay other know best. Take it from someone who's three times your age, that the annoying thing about parents is that they do know best. You individual know this when you get to my age.
Don't throw your life away for the sake of the British army or political affairs. They're not worth it and they don't give a f about you.

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