Law losing mini moto riding on public roads etc ?

hi, im 17 and am thinking about getting a mini dirt bike, and will be wanting to ride it in the woods, and I don`t know for half hour or so on the road at hours of darkness, and also i am thinking about riding it down a footpath beside a river?

REALISTICLY, whats going to happen if i seize caught, i haven't been in trouble next to the police before and have no previous driving ban etc.

i do own a provisional and drive a mo-ped and am learning to drive, i dont fancy loosing my license, so realisticly whats going to happen if i find caught on it?

also, where else could i ride it,? i know no one near private land, and there is no 'mini moto tracks' for a few hundred miles..

any oblige ?
Try that around my way and you will be having a hospital stay because you will be straight-armed right of the saddle.

It is unauthorized to right it on footpaths and most likely in the woods unless nearby are dedicated tracks for motor vehicles.

Where can you ride it. On private parkland where no one is imagined to be walking around.

if caught the bike will be impounded and crushed and you will lose your license.
As already said, not legal and you will be riding not in accordance beside license, uninsured, no MOT and untaxed.

No two ways about it you will be walking as you will get satisfactory points for a ban regardless of not being surrounded by trouble before plus the bike will be seized.

Even pushing it to "the woods" requires it to be road legal unless you can catch there without departure private property.
To take the bike on a public road you will need a CBT next to L plates on ,TAX,MOT and BE INSURED.
if not the police can fine you and crush your bike into tin cans.

stick to private manor if you can find it.
The insurance companies will not insure these bikes, so you would be riding illegally on a public highway, and the police would charge you for that, and have the power to take your bike and crush it.
The bike will be seized and crushed and you will probably be prosecuted for riding without insurance (which itself will get you 6 - 8 points and a hefty fine) as economically as other offences.

If you want to do this, before you buy find someone next to private land who is willing for you to ride on it and any wheel the bike there or acquire it transported.

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