Is Resisting Arrest surrounded by the UK a Crime?

I'm just curious, really. I know it is in America, but what nearly here in the UK? Or at least England & Wales.

A while ago I be detained under the Mental Health Act (Section 136?) and I was massively noncompliant and resistant against the officers who detained me because I did not want their help at the time and asked them to give me alone (I was upset and suicidal at the time, and no i werent drunk/drugged) as I didn't want them to come, and I certainly didn't send for them myself. I had to be forcibly restrained by 2 policemen and 1 policewoman with one officer kneel on my back after cuffing my wrist, the second trying to handcuff my other foot which I wouldn't give up, and a third officer had to pin my legs down because I kicked approaching crazy trying to get out of their grip.

Despite this, I was not charged for resisting arrest, I wasn't even told I'd basically resisted arrest. I'm wondering if I technically commit a crime there and whether the officers purely let it slip, I just remember the officer motto I "eventually calmed down for them". Or is it the fact I was considered mentally impair at the time the reason?
if you were detained lower than the mental health act
later resisting arrest would not be taken as a crime in this case
the police will use resisting arrest within cases to apprehend a person untilother charges can be brought about
There is an pique of resisting or obstructing a constable in the execution of his duty, but they clearly took the adjectives sense view that you weren't well. They aren't in somebody`s debt to charge someone with every possible offence committed.

Hope you're sense better now.
The nearest offence we hold in England and Wales (they've probably got something similar within Scotland and Northern Ireland) is of assault with intent to resist arrest - Section 38 Offences against the Person Act 1861. In your case, it wouldn't enjoy been used due to your condition (it wouldn't be proportionate and the officers didn't really capture hurt). The only times I've heard of it self used, and that's only about 5 times surrounded by 30 years, is when the offender seriously injured the officer and managed to escape. There be other assault charges they were also charged with. Source(s): Ex-copper Hi
AS bit of a consultation committee i can advise as you suffer from a mental illness, they contracted on medical grounds not to prosecute you as you where in no fit state to know what you where on earth doing.
on this occasion, you where gone off the charge but if you became a continue ant offender you might face charges.
YEs - resisting arrest is a crime . However the police are possible people for teh most part near discretion and unlikely to charge someone who is clearly ill.

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