Please abet, is this redundancy do?

Hi, my partner is being made redundant and I would like to know whether they are acting lawfully.

*Partner works in IT for company in Cambridgeshire for 4 years and 11 months, everlasting contract lb 19k has received for roughly 4 years of employment a temporary 24 hour on call upon allowance of lb 4.5k ( no contract for this)
*asked to take on extra job duties on a voluntary secondment contained by Nottingham for a month to cover long term sick for another IT employee, 68 miles away for 2 days of the week, near no extra pay, this is extended for 2 further months,
* 3 month secondment ends, partner told that the existing job he holds surrounded by cambridgeshire, no longer exists and his contract will end on 12th september, due to restructure in company he is given 4 weeks’ notice and informed a new opportunity has become available.
This new opportunity (given a new title and additional responsibilities covering Peterborough and Nottingham) is necessarily his old job near but they are terminating the on call allowance, we believe he will be one money banding higher resulting in lb20k annual wage, but means he will be doing more work and travelling further and in ornament to this be financially disadvantaged by 3.5 k a year in total
He attends interview 2 weeks go on Friday and is told one and only he and two other members of staff can apply for this new mission, but still refusing to discuss financial terms and conditions, he is told he is 99.5% possible to get this job.
This week again he asks employer about terms and conditions of this foreign job and again is refused this information. He have asked for paid gardening leave and is told he is not competent to take this until they know for definite he is departure the company.
Does he have grounds for unfair or wrongful dismissal or should he purely accept the pay cut, frequent thanks if you got to the wind up of reading this far?
there is lots of info on the direct gov web site - see knit. However, this situation does not seem to fit in beside being a redundancy or one company taking over another. Your partner's company have restructured and to some extent than making your partner redundant have offered him an alternative position. Unfair or wrongful dismissal does not come into this - if it did what do you think the outcome would be? Being offered a available job - which is what he is being offered. Ok he is going to be worse off, but he will enjoy a job and will have the preference of looking for a better job. To be honest he should say yes to the foreign job before they repeal the offer.

NB In my line of work the rate is pretty much the same a it was 10 YEARS ago but obviously all my bills are higher. Source(s):… 19 k isnt worth the hassle
He should own claimed overtime and loadsa travelling expenses for Nottingham gig

The new career with a few added responsibilities, makes it a different living

Tell your partner to check out contracting, at least then if he travels a few miles he will be getting a few hundred a daytime Source(s): Am a Contractor He doesn't seem to be being offered a redundancy carton. He is being told his job no longer exists and offered an alternative. As he as asked for garden depart from the job offer may powerfully be withdrawn. Unfair dismissal won't apply as he will be leaving voluntarily. Redundancy payments won't apply and he will have to lurk until job seekers would kick within.

Would be worth checking with the ACAS helpline but his best bet may well be to adopt to 'new' job (if it's still on offer) and so keep earn. Then start looking for a new job. The commission market is very difficult at the moment - could you have power over on just your wage? That may be the deciding factor for you both.
Okay you lost me next to the details, but if he truly has a "permanent" contract (wow) then he is entitled to a lifetime supply of settle so long as he upholds his end of the contract.

Now some reality: If the company folds or simply cannot afford him anymore (sort of resembling UAW pensions) then sorry, there is no money.

"Fairness" is not a factor. It is roughly speaking both party's ability to honor their agreement. It's not "fair" that I have to work at Denny's when I own a bachelor's degree, but that is the spirit of reality.

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