Laws on moving out below 18 contained by the UK?

Okay so as far as I'm aware, it's legal as long as you have your parents consent.
What roughly if that 'child' has a medical condition such as HIV?

I'm 17 in October, and I live beside my Mum in Spain. She's given me consent to live on my own (with a Roommate) in the UK. I told my Dad (he lives within England), and he's indirectly threatened to call Social Services, and apparently my Mum can get prosecuted for 'Neglect', if we step through with it.
There was sermon about a house and family explore also.
I don't know what my rights are, and I'm not sure where the HIV factor sits in this situation.

The HIV factor is irelivant,
I would influence yhat legally you are of an age where you can build your own decisions.
I would guess that your mum and dad dont get on and the are playing tit for tat .
I you hold your mums consent go for it .
I dont know what your relationship is with your dad but again im guessing that he feel you may be a burdon to him if your living in the same country ,,

biddable luck whatever you decide
Their should be no aim that you could not live independently in the U.K. as long as you are over the age of 16, as long as you can provide for yourself, and fund your housing etc, although you may also be able to claim benefits. You would have need of to register with a doctor when you are over here if you are H.I.V., as long as you have a European passport. If you do not later you may not be able to enter the country legally if it is to stay.
You can leave home at fourteen though you must verbs going to school. This of course does not apply to you.

HIV is not a factor, this is for you or you friend to sort out next to the local medical practicioners.

Don't do it. Adult life is just something like bills, bills and more bills. If you want privacy in order to sh ag merely tell your mother that she'll have to take used to it, I think that you'll find that she'll be okay about it, you afterall exist because she once have a sha g.

Finally, Spain is a much better place to live than England. Sunnier, friendlier and cheaper.
Even though you supposedly have need of consent, even if you left without consent zilch would be done about it.
You live within Spain with your mother. You will be 17 and have HIV. Your mother seem happy that you are responsible enough to hack it your health needs. Your misplaced father isn't offering you accommodation. He could contact social services and they might check on you but so long as they are happy it will be fine. Not sure if you would be studying or working but he may all right be expected to financially contribute - perhaps that is his actual worry?

If you and mum are happy consequently go with it.
Ok well you can live on your own at 17, however the difficulty you will have is you are below the legal age of being competent to sign an AST (assured shorthold tenancy).

There are 2 options for you

1) apply to the council for accomodation - although your status with man out of the country etc will not give you a high priority.
2) You will call for to find yourself a landlord/letting agent who will be willing to let to you on a 'licence' which to be neutral is unlikely. You cannot sign to live in the property but the LL signs to say he allows you to live within. In the short of it he takes a legal responsibility for you to be exact sadly unlikely. You will also need a Guarantor

I would contact your Dad and ask if you hold live with him for the time being, as he is not comfortable with the situation then its unlikely he will stand the rent for you. Your mum cannot stand as she is out of the UK.

The HIV does not factor into it. You cannot be discriminated against for any syndrome. Source(s): letting agent

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