Is cannabis impossible for you?

Yeah it messes u up! Makes u paranoid among other things and can lead to schizophrenia (however u spell it). It also causes LONG TERM mental illnesses. It can also get u involved next to the wrong crowds etc.
for some people its fine but for others it can affect there mental stability
the certainty is to days cannabis can be a lot stronger than it once was plus the certainty people are now starting smoking it for the first time around the age of 10-11
this is much younger than within the past and at that age the brain is not fully formed and this is why many empire now are developing mental health problems such as paranoia and even schizophrenia.
its not other as bad as that it could be just short residence memory loss or even bouts of depression.
personally i would not touch the stuff but that's me Source(s): my head yes, potentially it can be addictive, more so mentally , than physically. It harms your lungs, provokes respitory problems, can impose paranoia and a host of other problems. It will NOT cure any disease.I dont have a problem with someone smoking a integrated after a hard day, only just like having a cocktail, but no driving and smoking.
It is not as bad as alcohol.

Drunk people become highly vulnerable, they often become rowdy, sometimes vicious and generally suffer the next light of day. A drunk man is likely to suffer from poor sexual performance.

A stoned character is happy, very chilled out and have a good night's sleep. Sexual drive can increase, but one would be too chilled out to force themselves upon someone else.

It is true that getting too stoned can result in nauseau, possibly paranoia or panic, but someone who is mildly stoned only get a bit of hunger.

Smoking every day will result in elevated risk of lung disease or cancer, but alcohol can also make happen serious medical problems, such as liver disease.

In the source section I have paste a couple of links regarding the issue of the government drugs advisor who be sacked for saying that abundantly of drugs aren't as dangerous as the government say they are. Source(s):

wiki Cannabis eats brain cells so if you're merry with early dementia and other horrors consequently no, it's not bad for you.

Edit: I thought your were anti-idiocy. Don't report to people it cures schizophrenia you muppet. Talk to Frank get some proper info. A nouns of skunk may cause mental illness. It doesn't f'ing cure it. If anything it will make a payment to the psychosis. You can get a bit paranoid after indulging. You wanna add paranoia to an existing casing of schzophrenia.
Only if you can't control it

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