Do you suppose David & Ed Milliband hold a regulation contract?

Just like Blair & Brown did,

David will win the leader see and apoint Ed Shadow Chancellor, Then after winning the 2010 GE, stay in power for a parliament consequently hand over to Ed?

I think we own another Blair/Brown deal in the baptize of "Brotherly love"
If that was the shield why would both be running and diluting their vote?

Ed would have dropped out or not have stood!


EDIT - In 94 Brown didn't stand, simply to allow Blair a pretty confident ride to the leadership with the consideration that Blair would support Brown as his successor.

So if there is a deal between the Milliband Brothers this time answer the ask - Why are they both standing?"

It is simple if they had done a deal they wouldn't risk the opening of spliting the vote and allowing one of the other candidates to win the race. As for would one brother distribute the other to the back benchers - whoever is leader do you expect to see eiher Milliband on the backbenchers? Really do you?
Well one thing astonishes me. The fact that you reason there may be a General Election this year that David Milliband is going to win, then after serving one possession hand the throne over to his brother Ed. Is this an admission that the current group of robbers of the poor will be beaten at an election then this year? Or do you have the ability to predict the adjectives? Whatever it is, I hope your revelation is realised as many of us have have enough of the ConDems already.
i couldn't careless about Labour they are gone hopefully for appropriate next its get rid of the subsequent bunch of parasites that have taken over but i particularly much doubt there will be anything left of Britain until that time we do!
The Tom and Jerry of the political world. Labour haven't be able to provide a true leader for masses years and are no further in getting one for the future.
This double stroke, takes the biscuit.Both have be trained under Blair and Brown and look what happened to them. Plonkers the duo of them.

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