Can a EU citizen live and work In U.K?

Yes. An EU citizen can live and work within any other EU member state.
Unfortunately they can next to no visa required.

Why do you think so many EU criminals are here?
Yes. The link below goes into it within more detail. I hope you find it of use. Source(s):ā€¦ The UK is a constituent member of the EU. It has be since the EEC days. The whole point of the EU is to allow for free flow of currency, labor, trade, and other elements often delayed and made more expensive by international borders.

Since the UK is factor of the EU, yes, UK subjects can live and work other EU countries and other citizens of EU countries may live and work in the UK.

One of the few exceptions to this is in affairs of state and security-services work -- I remember while working in the House of Commons that some jobs posted would require UK residency; each country has a right to determine dependable categories of jobs within government, military and security as person for nationals only.

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