Now we know that Israel/Zionist Jews/MOSSAD did 9/11 Terrorist violence, what is the subsequent step?

It will never be officially broadcasted on international mainstream medium that Israel did 9/11. How can justice be persued now everyone know that 9/11, which led to illigal wars contained by Iraq and Afghanistan, was done by England's buddy in the Middle East?
Nice to know they deal in tin foil hats in merry older England too. Proof please.
Just because you believe something other than what the media promotes, it doesn't put together you any less gullible.
You have probably done profusely of reading on the subject but thats just it, it's just reading objects and subject to its own predudiced embellishment and spin.
At the end of the day we believe what we want to believe but i doubt you enjoy any real facts to base your judgment on that isn't simply other people theories and opinions.
and motive is not a reality in itself.
They definitely had a hand within it.………
The next step for you would be to pull your boss out of your a** and notice that the 9/11 attack was really carried out by intransigent Moslems, people who, strange as it seems, in actuality hate Jews even more than you do.
So was it the Jews that be responsible for 7/7.
They didn't look like Jews to me.
Also we always hear give or take a few Al-Quaeda, are they Jews.…

9/11 was done by a few Jihadists which thought they'd get into glory if they killed a few infidels.

You sound close to a Nazi.
"everything's the Jews fault, and no one elses."
Get valid.

Hey, look, everybody! There's some nut-job who actually think Bin Laden was in cohoots next to ISRAEL!


People don't KNOW delusional things, they are under the delusion that such things are true.
The next step is for me to say that you own made your anti semitism plainly obvious and you've been reported.
Nothing. Even if it was conclusively proven beyond any doubt that 9/11 be an inside job there is NOTHING the average citizen can do just about it.
Our next step.. should be to hunt down every jihadist wannabe who is trying to shield Islamic terrorism by making claims that Israel did it.. and then make them suffer like pain the people who burned to passing in the WTC did.
Sorry, your tinfoil helmet *does* need adjusting, since Israel have nothing to do with it.

This ask was rubbish yesterday and is still rubbish. Anti semite are you? Can't stand racists I can't.
World period of war 3 is on the cards.…

These criminal fanatics that rule us want depopulation.
i can only assume your brain got up and moved out 10 seconds before you wrote this

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