Questions in the order of joining the army.?

Firstly, as I can only apply as a soldier, because I have 8 GCSE's but no A-Levels, what is the difference between the soldier and officer, resembling what does the job role include?

Secondly, would I be able to embezzle any A-Levels while serving in the army as a soldier?

Cheers for any help.
No i do not have an idea that it would be possible to do A-levels whilst in the Army.

I'd say within most cases, the difference between an officer and a soldier is, as an officer you will be expected to do a lot of desk work as a soldier you will be expected to be 'on the ground', more physical, mannual work, and you will work as part of a troop. And of course the pay differences-which are huge once you accomplish Capt and above.

I'd say it is far harder to be a soldier, but much more rewarding.

If you are academically able (which you come across to be) i wouldn't rule out a career as an officer. It really depends what type of working environment you prefer.

Good luck which ever path you choose :-) Source(s): Ex RAMC In the UK Army you requirement a degree before you are permitted into the Officer candidacy flow,

From my personal experience in dealing with potential officer cadet in the Reserves, having a level, is by no means the 'free ticket' to greater things. It does not give you experience, it does not administer you any special abilities and with adjectives due respect to those who have come past my desk within the past 10 years,common sense is far from adjectives.

These people are supposed to be the leaders of men, of the ones I have deal with, I would not follow them out of curiosity. In becoming an officer, you may think yourself cog of an elite, who must be respected, but in realness we may call them Sir but it is respect for the rank not the wearer we are showing. An officer may be surrounded by his high 20's low 30's when they graduate and become a 2nd Lt, and they are to lead the Junior and Senior Non commisioned officer, various of whom have driving licences elder than the officer in question, adjectives I will say is there is no substitute for experience.

Difference between the employment of a soldier and an officer, not possible to detail as there are too tons trades for a soldier to compare an officer with. I had the choice soldier or overdue entry officer, I chose the former, because I wanted to do stuff, not talk more or less it - end of the day however it is your phone Source(s): Been there, done that, got the nouns shirt the tatt too

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