What should I describe the Social wellfare when I turn to sign on. HELP!?

Ok Im in a bit of a tricky situation here and I dont know what to do...I lost my job within December 2009 (Had been working in a Creche for 7 months simply the odd day here and nearby but had a dispute with my boss so she fired me and wouldnt impart me my p45) I was living at home with my mum and her boyfriend (who I HATE!) go to sign on the dole as soon as I lost my job but they wouldnt give me a penny cuz my mums boyfriend wouldnt provide any evidence of his incoome for them (wanted to trademark things hard for me!) so anyway, I just continued to live at home and live stale the savings I had from when I be working.
7 months later, Im still living at home, still no job and the funds I've been living off are running out..but immediately the problem is, my mums boyfriend has just told me that he cant lug anymore of me living in his house when we hate eachother and that he wishes me out by september (Thats less than 2 months away!!) so my question is what do I do immediately?
Should I go into the social welfare office presently and tell them whats happened? the item is, I think they need an address past you can claim so should I move in to my own apartment THEN go to the social welfare organization that way they wont have to know anything in the region of my mums boyfriend...I have all the documentation I requirement except for the p45 which my ex boss refused to give me but I contact the tariff office and they gave me a p20 or something that they said the social welfare individuals will accept.
I just really dont know what to do because I know if I run in to them now theyll articulate Im still living at home s cant claim anything but If I move in to my own place will tey start questioning why Im one and only coming to them now 7 months after being out of a job work and how I could afford to get my owm place?
this is soooo messed up! Im only 22 by the channel...some advice would be appreciated cause I know they are outstandingly strict about giving the dole out and Will ask loads of questions so I in recent times want to know what I should tell them when I go contained by and is it best to get my owm place now since I go to them? how do I excuse not coming to them 7 months ago?! Im in Ireland by the method!
get yourself down to the citizens advice bureau if there's anything close to that in ireland

(a)Tari Lee, thats so cold and simplistic
so you are trying to cheat the government and frozen working taxpayers? and you want our help to do that? how about getting a charge or two...perhaps 3....

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