Should Britain become an isolated island near no trade deal or close relationships to any other country.?

Given, the general level of meanness towards India, the similar one on Turkey and recent debates on the 'special relationship' with the US, combined next to prevalent attitudes to the EU, maybe its time for the for the ultimate question-

Should Britain become an isolated island near no trade deals or close relationships to any other country.?

Would you like to see your export tax money used to build a big wall round the island so that nobody can get in out ever again?
Or does this simply not stir far enough to protect innocent Brits from the pernicious influence of foreigners?
No - I understand how you feel but we do not hold the ability to grow enough food to nurture ourselves so we need imports and to stability the amount of money we spend on imports we need to export as all right.
There are many things this country cannot provide to balance our lifestyle. As for immigration it can't be stopped especially when so plentiful people (6 million at the last count) won't attain off their butt and get their hand dirty so we have to ship in individuals who are willing to work but if immigration was controlled a bit more associates would resent it less.

I sometimes wonder what a foreigner is considering that we have be invaded so many times in our history that we are of mixed (northern european) see anyway.
The answer is no however circumstances shows otherwise. Europe knows UK have been printing money for years and despite that the lb is worth 20% more at the beginning of the year and Europe is supposed to be the UK's best business partner!

Ministers keep hold of comparing UK to other European countries - WRONG, UK is in a hole of its own: monarchy - class system - anti social outcasts - binge drinkers - social scroungers. The wall is already in place and I hold noticed that the English in individual are not especially welcome on the other side of it.
foolish boy.
just so long as they let me the hell out of here previously they build the wall
Where do you get your facts from? All we want is our nouns to trade with who we want, without human being dictated to. Where do you get our hatred towards India from? Our PM is at hand now.

We Brits have influenced the rest of the world, not vica versa. Don't believe everything you read on here or within the papers.

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