Going to stop by my pen companion from America, do I inevitability a liscence to shoot?

I'm 17 from Manchester UK
I'm going during August to meet up with some friends from America, we met if truth be told at Vatican preschool con
Anyway, they live in Nag's Head, in the Outer Banks, North Carolina
And we are going to shoot, but perchance the right to shoot doesn't come without citizenship?
That's the right to accept an arm that arguably comes with citizenship, not to shoot or not.

I believe that you'd be able to shoot your friend's gun, provided they are near at the time (with a parent if appropriate). If you're shooting at a range, they'll tell you for sure. Likewise if you are hunting, you should check next to the ranger at the local station, or talk to the people where on earth you buy your license. The lack of an obvious decree leads me to think this means of access.

I wouldn't take anyone's word for it from here as definite. If I only just didn't find the law and you're caught, you'll be in serious trouble. My answer here will not give a hand you.

Have fun and stay safe.

*I see lots of laws more or less buying guns and concealing them, but not about shooting anyone's.
In NC you won't be able to fire a handgun at your age and your status. Lots of legalese but these are the gun law:

for a simpler version:

It should be noted that these rules transmutation all the time. I was good-for-nothing and didin't check how recent these links were.

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