Why contained by Singapore primary tuition allowing nouns by Religion?

Christain and Catholic gets perferred Phase 2B drawn.
Is this system encouraging people to interlace Religion because of their children education?
Should hospital like Ren Ci etc that are sponsored by Buddhism restricted to Buddhist with the sole purpose then?
Because belief in one god. Singapore primary teaching is particular system with vigilant obedience, to its rules.
Singapore is a very interesting place, frequent years ago it was very untidy. The affairs of state of the day decided to take tough and brought in some very rigid rules. It is in a minute very pleasant to visit, no rubbish down-and-out and that includes untidy people.
I believed at one time pupils were held pay for at a lower class level if they failed to do a reasonable standard of education. What a remarkable idea, I can't think of a better process of ensuring that school leavers are literate and numerate. Of course the do-gooders will quote the few who are incapable of taking any information into their brain, but in that lies the fault of modern UK society. We set standards for the tiny minority and as a result the standards of the majority in State training are appalling, just check the spelling in some of Yahoo's question and answers. Only the very fortunate who can afford the benefits of private education and those whose who receive untimely training within their family to study at a state conservatory rather than use it as a playground do well within life.
As for the so called nouns in school and hospitals, if a denominational society have funded an institution it is only right that their members should receive the first resort in getting admittance.
The trade union used to do it in industry, particularly contained by the docks and at newspaper publishers.
The Church of England doesn't have Muslim vicars, at least possible not yet.
The Roman Catholics don't have Jewish priests and I can't picture that ever happening.
What you label "discrimination" is contained by Singapore fairness. If the school if totally state-funded, then religion or dialect, etc., do not play a portion in selection. But if it is majority funded by a group, consequently they are allowed to set certain selection criteria. For example, you can set up scholarship to aid poor hakka-speakers and "discriminate" against other dialect groups. Their equality laws are more sensible than ours.

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