Do you devise Nick Griffin ever go out for a curry?

And would it make him a hypocrite if he did?
what has intake foreign food got to do with not wanting your country flooded near immigrants from alien cultures who are taking the jobs,swamping services and inflating house prices for the indigenous population?
To be honest I don't believe it would make him a hypocrite. His policies are to do with immigration, not cookery. I'm not a supporter of the bloke but let's be clear in the order of what he has and hasn't said: he's said we should put a stop to any further immigration (ie in his display we don't want them coming here taking our jobs), but he has never said we should boycott their businesses by refusing to put away curry! (ie we don't want those that are already here to make a nice chicken tikka masala!)
If he did I would love to survey what was happening within the kitchen while they are making his curry.

Curry was actually a British creation surrounded by the days of the Raj.

So yes. Almost certainly he does!
why would he be hypocritical? the bnp have had close and positive realtionships near the sikh community for a few years now

and most of the curries you get within britain were created for the british pallete
I would expect (like me) he refuses to munch through halal meat, on the grounds it's cruel. I still enjoy a good curry, but we cause our own at home.

No it's not hypocrisy, if the president of India was partial to fish and chips, that wouldn't give us the right to invade his country, or prevent him from object if we tried.
There are plentiful British invented curries, so no doubt he has, I don't withdraw him ever saying that he doesn't like foreign food so he can't be a hypocrite even if he did.
I`m sure he does, but he will insist on it being deported (voluntarily) as soon as possible.
Of course he does, he loves a bit of Arghi Bhaji !

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