France : What do you ruminate roughly speaking women who commit infanticide?

Hello, I am from France.

- Have you ever heard about women within France who have killed their newborn after birthing at their home ?

- denial of pregnancy in France : what do you think in the order of women who commit infanticide and use this reason to justify their crime ?

- What do you dream up about French justice ?

- Are near similar cases profiled in the USA, or in another countries ?
Infanticide is by no finances peculiar to France. It's a rare but universal phenomenon across Europe and probably the rest of the world. It absolutely occurs in Britain, but newborn neglect is more common, just as it is surrounded by France.

This is almost always a mental health issue. The mental vigour problems, or physical illness with mental form symptoms, which are associated with infanticide, are well hidden, and taken into account by most civilised countries by police, courts and the criminal justice and mental condition authorities. My understanding is that the French courts and criminal justice system do thieve such mental health issues into account - to some extent more, I get the impression, than is necessarily the travel case in Britain. Source(s): Some knowledge of French social services and criminal equality - I taught English for some years in France; my daughter, whose husband is French, still teach in France. Teaching is a profession where you see most of the troubles of humanity.... oh yea, in America often its young at heart girls dumping the child, or low life junkies can't take attention to detail of themselves let alone a child.

There are also crazy women who give birth and claim they didn't know they be pregnant. They are denying reality when they murder the child they claim they didn't have since they weren't pregnant, it be "something else", a heavy period, or doesn`t matter what they claim.

Those that get pregnant by their booty call buddy not their husbands, they will murder the child surrounded by the interest of the family and the rest of their kids

The excuses go on and on...
Yes I hold heard about the disheartening case in France

I devise we'd really need to hear the whole story,as it is particularly tragic

In the UK it happens too, although not very normally, but the Mental Health of the parent(s) are taken into account as it must be a heartbreaking decision for any Mum to establish to either kill her newborn or deprive it of go by abendoning the baby Source(s): UK

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