What are my rights within tackle disclosure of personal information...?

I was doing a childcare course from september 2009. I got bullied by a bough of staff and left the course in May as i be sick of how the college was treating me. This caused my attendence to be low but i kept up to date beside all the assignments and achieved a B on adjectives of them.

We were having nearest and dearest problems and as the landlord is selling the property we rent we are moving in august which is 20 miles away. I applied for a college close by the new place and was honest and upfront roughly speaking why i had ledt and also how i had spoken to the awarding body who said i could do the course again.

The college interview didnt run well and they wouldn't accept me even though i have the qualifications, enthusiasm, funding and a nursery place sorted for my daughter. They said they needed a reference - even though I am a seasoned student and i told them i didn't want to contact the other college because of how things where left.

They told me to keep on for a call from head of conservatory which i did and 10 days later she rang and said i couldn't do the course here as she had data from my attendence. I never give permission for either college to a) seize refrence and b) share my details. Do i have rights here as I am very angry and adjectives i wanted to do was start the college course again from a fresh at a better college.

Can i sue them?

Educational establishments can and do go by on information about their students to other educational establishments. This is standard and a bit than "giving permission" you would have to specifically forbid them from doing so.

What would you possibly gain by doing it anyways?

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