Do you believe swimming surrounded by the river thames(england) should be disqualified?

you know people poo sometimes pee i saw it many times and than society use it as a swimming pool
i dont think its healthy right?
Swimming ANYWHERE should be debarred... Source(s): Answers your question in full. its not verbs and swimming and everything else should be done at great risk, swimming laws will not stop people from taking a dip
No it shouldnot be banned. The river is cleaner than it have been for many years. All sewage is treated in the past release. Much sewage is pumped into the sea in tons places often untreated. For many years abundantly of the drinking water for London and other places has come from the river.
The river is used for sea recreation, sailing, canoeing and rowing. I have swum contained by the river many times.
The river is flowing and clean. Any small amount of urine from fish, animals and empire will be quickly diluted and quickly easily breaks down. The biggest risk comes from Weils desease.
People seem to get incredibly upset about non choinated water for swimming. I hold seen heavily used pools being much more dirty as the filter cannot cope.
I focus you should be banned TROLL!
People also pee in the sea and surrounded by swimming pools - at least the Thames is tidal so the poo goes out to marine. The water is so cold anyway that it will kill any germs lurking.
You talk like a babe.....

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Fish poo and pee within the river to
The Thames is very dangerous to swim within, there is a very strong tidal current which can overwhelm even a strong swimmer. A neighbour of mine be killed in a drunken dare to swim to the other dune, don't try it!
Europeans in a river IS a bath for them.

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