Where can i sue inhabitants who sell expired pills(sore throat pills)in UK?

it is a kind of pills which to cure sore throat
Check to see if the expiry date is a Best before date or a Use by date. Best until that time is only a guideline. If the expired product caused you some physical impair you may be able to take an behaviour but I doubt there are any active ingredients strong adequate to cause harm within sore throat medication. If you have suffered harm want medical advice - you may need a diary of the medical need later if you be to take an action.

I would lately write a letter to the Pharmaceutical company with a photocopy of the expiry date on the casing and a copy of your receipt proving the date of purchase.You will probably find they will offer you a characteristic of goodwill to resolve the issue
Why sue? They probably have better lawyers than you do. Just stir buy some that aren't expired. And seeing as you're too stupid to find it out and are asking on Yahoo, I wouldn't bother.
In an expired pill sue shop!

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