If they build a mosk nearby, if a Christian blows it up can they build a church here?

on ground zero.
Muslims take out towers
So they acquire mosk
Christian blows up mosk
So they build a church
Welcome to the world of stupid, uber-PC, liberal blindness and where on earth the minority dictates to the majority.We already have this crap in the dis-United Kingdom

It looks approaching its spreading.
Its not a mosque they are trying to built in the ground zero nouns its just a large facility that have multiple purpose. Among there will be library, study room, school, ets and also a small nouns if anyone wants to pray. Unfortunately this has be communicated to the people as a mosque.

But honestly i think this facility should not be authrised to be build. Thats the smallest the muslim could do to pay tribute to the 3000+ people who died within that specific area.

Maybe they should build a park there and that would be paid sure everbody remembers september 11 and that would also become a tourist attraction. New York is lack of green and a park is the best thing to build.
seems fair to me.
It's mosque, and it isn't being built on ground zero it is anyone built 2 blocks away. You can't blame all muslims for the actions of radical.
Those moskitoes are a real bad. Dengue and anti-Cole!
No. If a church was built there, they wouldn't know how to use public money. Public money and our tax dollars are only for Mosques and anything else anti-Western or anti-American.
no, yes, I don't know.

I don't care.

What's a mosk?

A well flavored bourbon? Then I'm adjectives for it.
Only Muslims are allowed to blow things up and murder race, so, no.
I have to say this cross-examine is a riot LOL

But sadly they would be called racist extremest and their religion abolish and outlawed
They wouldn't be Christians.
that is about what they did contained by Coronado spain...the moors took a christian church and turned it into a mosque
So True!

Onward Christian Soldier you rainy man you. lol
Is a mosk someone from Moskow, built and not born the fluent way? Source(s): Jaust a thought. That would be really dumb if you want your religion to come out on to as the "peaceful one".
masjid not mosk.

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