If you be within prison and get a fellow inmate to assault you and you sued the prison services for a great deal of?

money and won, could you spend your thousands of lb by buying online, and would they let both of you keep the stuff? Assume you are in for "life" and would have no prospect of enjoy the loot in Rio.
No, the Prison Service would not allow the goods bought online into the prison.

But, if Huntley be successful, and suddenly had assets it might then be worthwhile for the family of his victims to bring a civil claim against him.

The most sickening thing about the integral situation is the lawyers getting rich off this tragedy. They are the ones driving the total case, which must be distressing for the families of Huntley's victims, and they are the ones who will be benefitting from taxpayers' money.
You can bet your life that if Huntley wins his claim after the floodgates will open and what you mention will happen. I would put within place something that states all your wealth and any magnificence you accumulate while in prison, go towards your keep, or towards compensation of any person you harmed or their family. I would also put anyone like Huntley in solitary confinement, adjectives they have to do is say it's the simply way they can guarantee his safety.
I think you may own had the Huntley saga in mind.
Well let look at this sick individual and his claim against the prison service. I speak as an ordinary law abiding individual, but are we to believe, that these criminals are Intelligent enough to consider suing a Government establishment?
The answer, my friend is NO. Its the vultures within the legitimate system, who smell money, lots of money, which is held in the Government vaults, specified as "Legal Aid"
To prove my point, it has been suggested that a claim for lb100000 be being considered BUT at a cost of lb1 million.

You get my drift?

PS I second ROBERT C end remark!
IF.....this could happen.... the prison system has no control over how you spend your money....

they could preserve you from receiving what you bought....prevent you from having access to the Home Shopping framework...... limit the amount of money you have surrounded by the prison.... basically control your life.....but you can spend your own money anyway you want

As to the possibility of your hypothetical scenario in actual fact happening..... HIGHLY unlikely
You would need to prove negligence on the chunk of the prison..... a VERY difficult task
It is more likely your "fellow inmate" would trade you for a better business deal with the prison
Yes, but i'll be sure to report this to the authortiys
I judge your probably referring to Ian Huntley. I don't think he's a get a snowball's opening in hell of succeeding in his casing. However i think anybody in similar circumstances may win their baggage but certainly wouldn't be allowed to do what you suggest.
I suppose that this most recent legal exercise by a murderer is about money.
But within is another agenda and that is an attempt to divert this person's attention away from the fact that they are not going to soak up life on the outside of a prison wall.
If they are successful in this lawful case,Would it be possible to make that soul self supporting and make them pay for the upkeep of their meal and bedding.
In any case.the taxpayer loses.They have to retribution for legal fees for both parties and near is the cost of the hearing.
All for a person who should own been hung for a notorious crime.
Circus Lady.Be of well-mannered cheer. There are contributors on Y/A who appreciate your input.

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