Was the impression of police thought up by individuals for corruption and power...?

...and do people take benefit of this system for their own greed (i.e individuals who naturally would have smaller quantity authority in the scheme of nature)

The concept of police be brought up by people who recognise that just because you are are biologically an 'adult' - this does not parsimonious that you no longer require babysitting.
Actually, quite the opposite.

The Peelian police system, invented by Sir Robert Peel, be established in order to continue order and peace in London in need having to put soldiers in the city. The thought anyone that an armed military force in the city would be thought to be, and in reality WOULD be, a corrupting and oppressive action.

The solution? An unarmed, but uniformed policing force which would answer not to the national authorities, but the city official. They wore blue instead of red, because blue was thought to be a less intimidating and aggressive color, they wore copper buttons instead of brass (thus "coppers" or "cops") and would be held in charge for their actions through various ceremony reviews and, because they are uniformed and assigned an individual number displayed clearly on their badge, the community at large would be capable of identify them as policemen, and report any sort of abuses that an officer might inflict.

The issue, of course, human being that anytime you give anyone power over some one else that power MIGHT be abused, and surely be abused from time to time. It is for that reason that we enjoy accountability systems in place. I can only assume that you've found yourself miss used at the hand of some officer of the law, and for that I can only insist that you report the foul language to the proper channels and the media.

Counter point: According to the Marxist guess of social control, any law, and by extention law enforcement stab, is a ploy by the "haves" to control and oppress the "have nots".

but that's a intact other discussion. Source(s): Criminology major, criminal investigator. Obviously robert peel did not have a sneaking suspicion that up the idea of a police force, which has existed for millennia, but his be the concept of the modern police service.

Of course, many places do not have a civilian police service and 'order' is kept by warlords, armed militia, the army, a foreign army or rich relations who can afford armed thugs.

For all their faults, and they hold many, I know which I'd rather hold. Source(s): I'm a lawyer The police were the brainchild of Robert Peel (link below) and no, it wasn't for corruption or power, it be for the good of society.

It doesn't matter what system we enjoy in place people will other find a way to take profit of it for their own greed. Source(s): http://www.thepeelsociety.org.uk/robert_… the police was thought up coz around the early slice of the 19th century parts of London and other large city's where no walk areas run by gangs and criminals
before the Industrial Revolution 70% of relations in the UK lived in the country and where on earth policed by local wardens and constables who where lower than the control of local parish councils who in turn new most folks living in there nouns.
but once city's like Manchester, Liverpool London and glasgow started growing at massive rates these local wardens could not cope, they where on earth often scared to meet the gangs and even some times took back handers
so along come the Peelers who's job it was to win pay for the streets and make them safe for wearing clothes folk and over time their powers just grew Source(s): my head The Gestapo must hold on to the masses in dash, inadvertently protecting the rich. Time for the peons and peasants pick up arms and revolt.

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