Will I show up on an enhanced CRB check?

When I was around 5, I climbed the rooftop of a derelict building. The person who owned the property call the police and escorted me to the police station. The police asked me for basic details: name, phone number etc.... they next called my parents who then picked me up and took me home.

My cross-question is this: will I have to tick the box in the Criminal Bureau Record when it asks for
"Have you ever be convicted of a criminal offence, or received a caution, reprimand or limiting?"

I've asked the question before but forgot to make a payment the question the CRB form asks. I want to know two things:
1. Do I need to tick the box that asks that cross-question?
2. Would I show up on an enhanced disclosure CRB check?

Sorry if I troubled you for asking this twice.
Unless you be charged with a crime and appeared at court and got some type of sentence after you will be ok.
IMHO No, you cannot be given any type of legal preventive at age 5, it is way under the age that documents are kept.

Of course the way to be sure is to ask a senior police, sergeant or higher. Source(s): Life and a brain. No. Nothing to verbs about. It never got anywhere in the vicinity as far as anything official, they just hand you to your parents to deal with as they saw fit.
I'd hazard a guess and say no to both of your questions-and here's why.....
In England and Wales,reprimands and final warning were introduced in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to replace caution for offenders aged 17yrs and under. However,the age of criminal responsibility is set at 10yrs older in England and Wales,so as you were below 10 at the time you won't have been given any. There is an order called the 'Child Safety Order' but to be precise for the more at risk young offender aged beneath 10.

With regards to you being stopped by a truancy patrol,there's zilch to worry about any. What usually happened was that you be stopped by an EWO (educational welfare officer) and a police officer and you were asked for details as to why you weren't in arts school at that time. Anybody who looked of school age,and who weren't in university during school hours would be stopped and asked for the same details-even if they be accompanied by an adult. It be to try and reduce parent condoned truancy. It's standard practice that every parent of those stopped would receive a letter from the herald of Educational Welfare Service,regardless of whether the absence was considered authorised or not.

If you're still not convinced,put down these 'offences' when it comes to innards out the form-if you were cautioned,given a reprimand after it will show up.If you weren't cautioned,given a reprimand then it won't show up.....
But i meditate you're worrying for nothing.
It is NO to both questions. Be told as you were since. Your second crime ! was not important ample to be placed on the NPC.

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