What inhabitants be sentenced to vocation and\or to release lower than the communists?

What might be the best books about such things?
Any and all with a different point of viewpoint - libraries are a font of knowledge
most librarians would be happy to point you within the right direction
Which ones? Joe Stalin, Mao Tse Tung? I'm aware that they called themselves communists, but don't expect Marx, or Trotsky, or Connolly, had he lived to see it, would have agreed.

In both cases, for impossible to tell apart sort of reason as under the Third Reich - speaking out of turn to race they thought were friends, being relateon cloud nineissidents, daring to question the judgement of the Politburo, personal revenge or spite by local Party bosses or state police agents - any of these would be sense enough.

Being a loyal Russian soldier who had be taken prisoner by the Germans was enough, too, given Stalin's paranoid distress of espionage and double agents.

As to books, it's strange, but you may have to wait a few more years for dispassionate researcher accounts. From what I have seen, everything published within Britain or Germany at least, to date, has be very, very taking sides, and some of it should be taken with a large packet of brackish. (Julia, I would include Solzhenitsin in this category). Fair accounts - which will still, I'm sure, be very condemnatory - will come, but we may powerfully have to let the dust settle, and the unresponsive lie quietly, for a bit time yet. Source(s): Some close knowledge - my husband is originally from the weak DDR, and both his parents - German father (emigre and anti-fascist during the Nazi years), Russian mother - were Party loyalists from their teens onward. I feel that both were very wearing clothes people, but were surrounded by extreme denial about those years. Stalin murdered 30 million of his own people because they did not conform to his Communist ideals or be considered traitors. Millions of Chinese died under Mao and his Communist policies. Thousands have died because of Kim Il Sung contained by N. Korea. The libraries are full of books on these attrocities.
gays dissidents blacks jews etc
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzenhitsyn

The Endless Steppes by Esther Hautzig

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