Have you ever protested a contravention and if so own you ever won?

you cant win,they wont allow you to.
Yes, I own numerous times. Won them all, too. Just remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof is on the police meaning that they own to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you broke the law. Every time that I enjoy demanded to see the proof of my crimes the officer said he didn't have it and the judge threw the bag out. I'm just talking going on for traffic violations here by the way, which most empire don't even fight, so the police assume that you will just pay cheque the fine, so they tend to be lax about keeping any proof against you. Source(s): Multiple experiences. The ONLY time I have EVER gotten a moving contravention ticket is in Hamtramck, Michigan
(Polish Town, or Pole Town) they have/had signs that are very difficult to see until you enjoy already made a turn (which the sign says not to do) the police wait at these spots for empire.

When I went to court the room was bursting with people and partially of those people were near because of the turn sign. After listening to people make a clean breast guilt for turning at the same sign I realized this is a nouns. When I got up there (after in the order of 30 people telling the trendsetter they are guilty for making the turn) I said I was "not guilty"

The judge looked up surprised and asked me again what? I said "not guilty, partially the people here are here because the sign is ridiculous and you can't read it until you have already turned"

The believe to be laughed and said "I drive though there adjectives the time and never have a problem". I didn't respond to this and then he said "I'm taking bad your points, just pay the clerk"

I didn't really win, I still have to pay. That's all they looked-for was my money. Good way to engender people
pay who don't live at hand (people who live there remember the sign so they don't make the mistake of the violation)
I protest them all, and thus far I have won them adjectives.

I only get violated within the Politics section, and never for cause.

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