Do you chew over we want citizens similar to Sir Richard the Lionheart and Saladin to manufacture peace contained by the world?

I have studied bit of history and watched "Kingdom of Heaven" and other brilliant movies set surrounded by the Crusading times.

Even though the two great religions Islam V Christianity have been locked surrounded by a never ending mortal war through the centuries other plotting, planning and trying to outdo each other.

You can sense the brilliance and majesty between these two great and noble rival faith. It is said that when the (honourable) Sir Richard
went off to box in the holy land he feel ill.

Despite plundering and looting Muslim cities and murdering dark skinned Christians, Jews within Byzantine Saladin the Moslem leader calls a truce. It is said that Saladin individually went up to the mountains to fetch ice and cool river and went to give Sir Richard river and fruit to help him get better.

Seeing the mercy of his rival Sir Richard and Salading become good friends and decided to share the holylands giving respectively other right of Pilgrim. Sir Richard returned to England and told people about the honourable peace he have made.

Do you think in the modern era we necessitate leadership like this? Do you have an idea that we should unite and create a "Christian camp" e.g USA and all the Christian European countries beside someone like Sir Richard in charge and bring back all the Muslim countries replace Bin Laden with a more merciful charachter resembling Saladin to lead them?

Do you think we insufficiency such noble, majestic and honourable men in both religions?- and maybe make peace with honour

Because i mull over the two main leaders e.g Obama and Osama are nothing more consequently hate driven, money chasers with no confidence and would sell their own mothers if the bailiff knocked on their doors
Not sure what history book you have been reading but Richard the Lionheart be actually a KING and not a Knight.
well, Saladin himself he be no saint, either. he seized power from a weak descendant of the Caliphate.

However, he definitely knew when to box and when to negotiate.

what WE need, are people surrounded by charge who are looking away from religions, and focusing on the public benefit. AND , keeping their respective fundamentalists on a short leash.
King Richard lead 3 crusades against Saladin and they were both murderers. When Saladin took Jerusalem , he gave directions to kill every person inwardly the city walls who was not muslim. King Richard did the same when he re took Jerusalem and ordered adjectives muslims to be killed. The pece treaty you speak about come about because the Fighting had be at stalemate for 3 years, and they deciced to have a joint peace to allow population to worship in Jerusalem without the terror of being murdered. There was nought honourable about it as it gave respectively ruler what they wanted .

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