How could police determine if this be suicide or murder?

Say a suicidal person went to a river, stabbed himself several times (while wearing gloves so in attendance were no prints on the knife) and fell into the river where they drowned/died from the wounds - how could the police determine it be a suicide and not a murder?

Just wondering...
If he was going to stab himself to death, why turn to a river? He could have done that in his own bedroom. If he needed to drown, then he could have done that contained by his own bath tub . For a suicidal person, he is going to an awful lot of trouble to commit the conduct yourself. I would just take an overdose and be in motion to bed hoping I wouldn't wake up the next morning. Far smaller quantity hassle and less painful too I see.
Well if CSI is anything to be believed they would be able to determine the angle that the stick penetrated the flesh, that angle would certainly indicate that it came from close camp representative of a wound inflicted upon them-self.

Theyd probably also see from the foot prints in the river bank that he be faceing forward at the time and more then likely threw himself surrounded by. If someone else had been involved its unlikely that they would push them surrounded by face first. The victim would more after likely be trying to get away from the river lip and wouldnt be facing toward it

If they can't find the right character, they'll just find any person. so BE CAREFUL out in that.
They couldn't.
They'd arrest a random person and transport them to prison. Haven't you heard about adjectives the people being freed on DNA evidence lately? If they can't find the right personality, they'll just find any person. Source(s): I know the imperative, respect my awwwthooooritttiiiiiiie. Suicides who cut or stab themselves tend to leave 'chicken' marks - small cuts next to the main wound where they pause before actually carrying out the cut or stab. The angle of the injuries also tell you a lot. Source(s): Ex-copper By the action of the cut going into the skin.....self inflicted causes different marks on the skin...
Well for one he would still have the gloves on.

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