My boss wont donate me a full time contract at work because im Christian.?

At the job interview, i told my boss that i was Christian & would not work every sunday or on Christian holidays, They said that be ok. Now 6 months on everyone else has been given f/t contracts & I havent because it be claimed i refuse to work on Sundays. I have worked on few sundays and do work nearly everyday of the week.

Is this nouns and against the law?
Your problem here is that you don't know if you are being discriminated against because of your religion. If the requirements are working Sunday, then you don't come upon them.

The best way to find out is by knowing your co-workers religion. Basically if even one full timer is a Christian (3/4 of the country fit this category), then you enjoy no case for discrimination. Instead, you obligation to correct what you now see as an error of not being competent to work any Sunday.

EDIT: You don't have to work at all, ever. It doesn't tight you'll be promoted or be called whatever you want. Did you thought that every answer is basically the same? That's because they're correct.

You enjoy no reason to plead your case here anyway. You already know how to fix the problem; enlarge your availability.
It can depend on the nature of your position. If the job has, as a requirement, the proficiency to work any day of the week or of the year, then at hand is no discrimination; you informed your boss that you could not satisfy a requirement they needed smug, and they had to look for another candidate who could. This is a typical situation surrounded by medical, law enforcement, and other such fields. If, however, it can be proved beyond sense of doubt that there is no necessity for the job to be perform on Sundays or holidays, or that they simply wouldn't award the contract for the fact that they disagree with you religiously, later it is clearly discrimination and you could have grounds for a civil rights suit.
There is a price to pay for standing for your christian belief. It is discrimination in vocabulary of the law. The law is not other the appropriate response in terms of our christian reliance. The course of action we take will any validate our faith or condemn it. If we believe God is contained by control of our lives then we need to trust Him when we pinch a stand for our faith in a non - threatening process.

I believe one of two things will happen here. Either the boss is going to see your faith is open as you continue to do your job to the best of your faculty (which would make you a valued employee) or we have to consider whether God have bigger and better things for you elsewhere.

Remain faithful to your current job to the best of your skilfulness and in doing so seek other opportunity of employment. Remember God is in control and you will be amazed at what will come from this.
If the opportunity description states that you are expected to work on Sundays but you are not prepared (for WHATEVER reason) to work every Sunday then you are not fulfilling the job description and as a result do not neccessarily deserve a contract. Your employer is not discriminating because of your religion, they are simply making an assessment based on your willingness/ability to work the hours and days they need you to.

You necessitate to check the offer letter you get when you started work, and check the terms re. hours/days you were expected to work and if/when you could expect to enjoy a probabtionary review and be offered a full-time contract (IF you satisifed all the conditions of employment). IF you think your employer is breaching these vocabulary then take your hold out letter to an employment lawyer, your Union or a service similar to the CAB for further advice.
Discrimination on the grounds or race or religion is against the law, but sometimes a more start on approach with your employer would yield better results than threat of any feat against him.

BTW, if you have been working, he should enjoy provided a 'statement of particulars of employment' by now.
Technically even though you're contract is part time, your overtime is bringing your working hours to the equivilant of full time hours, and you said that you said you would not work EVERY sunday, which by using those words you roughly indicated that you WOULD work a sunday just not every sunday. Whatever your religion however you are entitled to time off for worship. What religion is your boss if you dont mind me asking?

The piece that IS or WOULD BE illegal, is if your boss ASKED you about your religion at your interview. As presently in England (application forms or interviews) employers are irrelevant to ask your gender, age, sexual preference, religion. You shouldn't even be asked your national insurance number since you are offered and have accepted the career.

You could speak with your boss and ask him that as you already do full time hours, could it be made official within terms of a contract. If he says no ask why. If you are not chirpy with the answer you get after go to your nearest C.A.B office, if they can relieve they will if not they should be able to put you surrounded by touch with a solicitors that CAN help. Even if you DID transport action against your boss for whatever valid intention, you are protected in terms of ruling for the fact that you will still be allowed to work your normal hours and be treated resembling the rest of your work colleagues

BUT: If you're still on your probationary period then hold quiet for now, once you know you're employment is permanent and secure THEN you can ask and thieve it from there
At smallest half of Britain is Christian. Do you go to church every sunday. There is zilch in the Christian faith to read out you have to attend church and not work on a sunday. The church guidelines have become more flexible over the years. If you communicate your employer you are willing to work any sunday they need you, I expect you will bring a contract. Source(s): retired business owner These links set out the position for Christians not wishing to work on Sundays. Note that there is no nouns as far as employers are concerned to accommodate them, only to make a contribution some degree of sympathetic consideration.……

The health diligence industry is by no means in matching category as other industries. Obviously any Christian prefers to keep Sundays free in decree to worship, but the fact remains that Jesus healed on the Sabbath (and be much criticised for doing so).

If you are being discriminated against, then you are one of a growing number contained by the UK.…
You told them you would not work on holidays or every Sunday and they are abiding by your wishes. By that statement you have excluded yourself from full time work that entail being available at all times not simply when you decide. Go talk to the boss and detail them you have decided to be available adjectives the time so just maybe they will bring in you full time.
probably not because you can always go to church wednsday night
Im pretty sure he can't distribute what everyone else has if your demanding a day sour you do less work but you expect the same rewards, you enjoy to put up with it or don't go to church you can't own both.
I am Christian, I personally believe we have to put up near things for the sake of our religion, not change other people to suit it
no you told him you could not work Sundays. he is right
The boss is doing what you told him.
Yes, Im pretty sure it is. to corroborate the other answer
I doubt it's illegal, as long as your boss would give you time to attend church services.
Edit: Who "claimed" you beg to be excused to work on Sundays? Besides, you just said you have worked on Sundays. They would know that. Maybe you're simply being a bit obnoxious about the Christianity article?

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