There's two hundred army tank outside my house and they don't look friendly, what should I do?

Tell them how to get back on the interstate. I'm pretty sure they made a wrong exit and get lost and are kinda irritated. Meanwhile, distribute bottled water.

Or you time-traveled and ended up contained by the Battle of Kursk. In that case, bring your camera because you're about to see the largest container battle in history.
Surrender. Or risk being blown into a fine red mist. It would be a expeditious end. Your call.
make a sprint for one of them climb on top of it and shout "IM KING KONG!" after grow a pair of wings and fly to your out of danger house in the artic. Sorry I was trying to speak crap close to you
Tell them your neighbor is hiding Russian spies.
You can stop trolling. There's a start.
Ask them if the would enjoy a nice breakfast consisting of freshly baked waffles, ginger juice, and bacon.
chill do what that Chinese guy did, run at them with plastic shopping bags, tank are afraid of shopping bags.
Tanks are not designed to look friendly. If I was you I'd surrender
You must live on Salisbury plain.
Easily, agree to them out run their fuel supply which shouldn't be that far since most tanks get gallons per mile a bit than miles per gallon.

They best way of defeating an opponent that needs so much support to fight is to cut sour their supplies and they will be powerless.
Run like buggery....
what........................jump out of a building and suicide Source(s): me Hide the grease well in your garden....the tank will be American.
Ask them if they want something to drink or perchance something to eat?
Get an 11 killstreak and call within an AC130 Source(s): happens to me all the time Quit abuse illicit drugs and you won't hallucinate.
go and get the lube because your gonna be raped :)

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