If soldiers follow directives to fire on innocent ethnic group who are is to blame the soldiers or their CO's?

big problem is the rival do not wear uniforms as in a conventional time of war ,, so how do you tell enemy taliban or anything from civilians ?/ Do nothing and be killed or eradicate all in front of you.. I would waste the lot myself if I felt in jeopardy .. Its up to the civiliams to gert rid of the Taliban themselves so there are not any here ,,
What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Do the soldiers know the population are civilians, and therefore should not be fired upon? Does the Commander know something the soldiers do not?

If the deed is done contained by full knowledge of the facts, then both the soldiers and the commander can be held adjectives and charges of murder as well as war crimes can be charged.

If, however, the soldier know and the command does not, then it is the soldier's responsibility to inform the command it is an illegal decree.

If the soldiers do not know, and the command does, then the command will pay the price.
thank you
soldiers will never be ordered to fire on innocent civilians.
Both, however the Soldier will go to lock away while the CO may lose rank (i.e. slap on the hand.) Soldiers are not supposed to follow improper orders.

It is a Catch-22 however. If a Soldier doesn't follow an order and it turns out to be a permitted order, he will be in trouble.
soldiers and the CO

we are taught to follow orders unless those instructions are against the geneva convention.
shooting un armed civilian is definitely illegal and punishable below the UCMJ Source(s): US Army 7 years Both. Orders to kill a civilian would be unlawful, and therefore would not be permissible to follow. I think the person who pulled the trigger would lawfully be held equally responsible. Morally, it is also equally evil. I know this happens in Afghanistan and formerly Iraq moderately often, but unfortunately the family of those killed and the sodiers themselves have to live near what has happened. I have an idea that the better answer would be to not follow the orders.
The Soldier. If a Soldier is following the UCMJ they are NOT to follow any unlawful instructions, and if they do they are responsible. The CO is responsible for giving an unlawful order.
Hello everyone, it is an unlawful instruct and as soldier we are not brainwashed or indoctrinated or mind controled like the JW or Mormons so we have the brains to read aloud "Sir this is an unlawful order I refuse to conform it!!"
We are not robots, we are taught to disobey an unlawful order!!
really the COs....in scrimmage, the heat of battle how do you know if someone is innocent or not?
they are both to blame
A soldier is trained surrounded by the Geneva convention.
Carrying out an illegal order similar to this one would result in the soldier as well as the officer who give the order, being court martialled . If the soldier refuse to carry out the illegal writ then no blame can be laid on him.
both and more so if they know what their doing is wrong.
The CO
Soldier, they should ask why? and not follow orders until they've been given a honest enough reason.

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