Why don't we convey our unresponsive bodies to adjectives countries?

It would save land for nouns and solve global hunger, two sticks with one stone.
you're sick contained by the head mate.
Oh how hilarious! You suggested cannibalism as a simple solution even though everyone know it's a social taboo - Wow. I don't actually know how you come up with this stuff. Classic.

:? >.<

Seriously, grow up and find something better to do beside your life than trying to elicit shock from people who don't see you for the sad trolling loser that you are.
ummm are u going to feed hungry ppl our unresponsive bodies??
Well Sicko, because cannibalism cause madness, probably due to the fact most citizens couldn't cope mentally with eating another human. They come across to have morals you don't!
They even outlawed horse slaughter in the US. There used to be many and consequently right before they outlawed them there be only 3 remaining. Since they have be outlawed many who could not afford to euthanize and bury a horse simply set them free causing problems. Also presently that the US has no horse slaughter facilities lots ship their old horses into Mexico which can be a long grueling haul, and unsurprisingly we have no way of making Mexico's slaughter situation humane. Needless to say aloud, horse meat used to be used for dog food in the US and it continues to be eaten within European countries. So without even discussing cannibalism the US pushed by the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States - a private political action committee or PAC, = special interest which have no pet shelters) has created a problem and a costly wasteful situation for the US once again.
so you'd be happy sending your close family and friends bodies to be eaten?? No don't think so and why you so sure the adjectives would be happy to eat departed bodies??
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Because that is cannibalism and is very inhumane.
Why hang around 'til they're dead?

We've got passing row inmates, illegal aliens, senior citizens and Mets fans galore, so, let's ship 'em adjectives off to the third world right away! ;-)

Good luck!...
You are SICK beyond treatment and belong in a sanatorium.
I guess they aren't desperate satisfactory to resort to cannibalism.

cause thats cannibalism, which is likea crime against outlook. we need to respect the dead
Just don't send over any dead mimes, because they fancy funny! :-p
That is sick.
Sounds honest. YOU go first.

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