Caroline Spelmans comments?

I was somewhat angered by Caroline Spelmans Coments in the National Press this previous week on the subject of wearing veils and the burka surrounded by public. To ban the burka in the UK she feel un-British, I would like to add another thought into this arena. Up and down the country oodles blind passengers are being ordered past its sell-by date buses or refused taxi's beacuse Muslim drivers or passengers who point to thier so called unclean guide dogs, surely this cant be right or reasonable, what should be done to stop this?
I'm unfolding people all the time of the years I spent within Arab countries, and it ain't pretty the way women get treated, young-looking school girls were caught within a fire and burned to death because they were disallowed out of the building by the firemen because they were in their lower than garments and not fully dressed. We were not allowed to read a bible, so we kept them resourcefully hidden like it be a crime to be in possession of one! There are well in step and mature adults over there that do not close to the rules either, but their "National religion is a cruel dictatorship and will most likely stay that means of access until the Lord returns and out-rules them!
The issue with Muslim bus drivers and guide dogs have been blown out of proportion by certain the Fourth Estate. It isn't "many," but is occasional. As a person who uses a service dog, I've in truth encountered more problems with culture who are not Muslim than those who are.

In the UK, the Islamic legal council has already ruled that guide dogs are permitted, not lone in homes and on buses, but even in a mosque. Here's a video clip explaining the allowed premise:…

What you have actually have nothing to do with religion at adjectives. It is a cultural issue. This clip explains that:… Source(s): I'm a disability advocate who also uses a service dog. Find out which bus and minicab companies are not allowing guide dogs on board, tell folks you know or on the internet and it's good to provide evidence, otherwise people might not filch so much notice of you. I don't buy newspapers so i've hear nothing about this article you're saying about guide dogs. I would similar to to boycott these companies, if a blind man's money not's good enough for them next i don't want to give them mine either. So if you can relay me which companies have this policy i'll be able to ask them roughly speaking it and stop using them if necessary.

I'm confident that if, as you say, organisations are refuse guide dogs onto their transport then a campaign to get them change this policy by withdrawing our custom could definitely work.
I am with you on this. The bottom line is that we enjoy laws in place to stop relations wearing helmets in garages or balaclavas, we even do not allow kids wearing hoodies in some areas. Some of these rules hold a very practical basis and others are a bit more tenuous, but rules are what they are and rules must apply equally to adjectives.
We have had the baggage of the woman in the niqab taking driving tests for her friends and later turning it into a very profitable business. We know that we have terrorists surrounded by our midst's but if a male or female terrorist can put your foot around with all but their eyes covered up, after we are never going to spot them. Is that ridiculous notion, I think not.
When in rome is the hoary maxim, now it seem that whilst we will prosecute or deny service to our own race/religion whatever, we are not able to enforce impossible to tell apart rules on others, especially muslim others.
It is not helped by the vast amount of muslims contained by this country refusing to stand up against those of their faith (or some fastidious part of it), and telling them that within order to be in this country they involve to follow our ways, nor is it helped by the indigenous folks who have found the Islamic conviction to suddenly be so extreme in defending anything that so much as slightly impinges on the ways of the muslim trustworthy.
Sorry but this should not even be a discussion. The sooner our government gets some ball and starts to tackle these issues in a natural way and stop bowing to every religious pressure group in the parkland, the sooner it will be over and done.
and finally the face veil is not required in any bit of any version of the Koran.

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